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Meeta Banerjee


Meeta Banerjee

Hampi And Beyond

‘Ruins amongst the Boulders’….this is the way WeGoBond, theall women’s travel group advertises its trip to Hampi, Anegundi, Pattadakkal, Aihole and Badami!! On joining the adventure and being part of it, one realizes that it is not just ‘ruins’and not just ‘ boulders’. The entire aura is a Symphony in Stone; the stones are alive and ‘speak’ out to the passer by.

Standingin the midst of the singing stone columns of the numerous temples, one gets transported in time, backwards, and one can only imagine  the resplendence and might of the Dravidian rulers. The structures are made of granite and each is exquisitely carved depicting the lifestyle and panorama of their existence.

Indeed this is a trip not to be missed by the history lovers and also the budding architects. To put a final cap on this amazing and satiating experience, WeGoBond lived up to its name by crafting out a practical and comfortable itinerary, along with food and lodging. Not to forget the trip leader, who played her role as a wonderful leader with her patience, cheerful countenance,efficiency and ‘ready to help’ attitude.

Kudos to Shibani Vig and her team. Hope to have more ‘close encounters’ in future.