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A Few Quick Tips to Help You Find the Best Solo Woman Travel Company

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Solo women travel just keeps getting better and more and more women across the world are joining other like-minded women in travelling solo. Either they travel by themselves or with solo woman travel groups. Today, nearly two-thirds of travellers are women. Post pandemic has seen an exponential rise in women’s solo travel groups india.

So where are women going and what are they doing to make the most of their trips? Let’s tap into the best solo trips for women and why so with a few quick tips.

  • Choose the destination wisely

It will be a better idea to know why you want to go to the place you want to. What is the intent behind it? You may have been inspired by a book you read or a show you saw but it has to be more than that. To have a more enriching experience, you have to zero in on why you really want to go to the particular place?

  • Make your first night plan in advance

Try to arrive at your destination by mid-afternoon at best. This is so that you find your hotel while it’s still daylight and has ample time to change the hotel if it’s not up to your mark. You should have a place to rest your head that is of your choice for an evening at least.

  • Perceive what is essential for your trip

While there is no reason to fret over an impending trip, it is clever to visualise it beforehand in order to have everything in place and less anxiety while you travel. Think of the processes like a departure, transfer from the airport to the hotel and accommodation. Do not imagine the trip entirely and go with the ebb and flow of the opportunities that may arise. While it is normal to have certain expectations from your trip, it is a killjoy to have the exact desired results as some unexpected stuff is bound to happen. This can be enjoyed if you have a freer mind.

  • Travel light and pack correctly

This is an essential part of travelling in order to get the experience of the best solo trips for women. This will give you more mobility and save you money. This requires a bit of planning but it can be done. Carry not more than two comfortable pairs of shoes in base colours. That is if you are not going hiking or dancing, in that case, you need to carry your hiking boots or dancing heels.

  • Do not divulge details of your stay

Oversharing your accommodation and itinerary can not be guaranteed to bring the best results. It can be detrimental sometimes. If anyone asks, just be vague about it as where you stay is your safe haven.

  • Eat by yourself or not – your choice

If you are not looking for company at mealtimes, you are on your own on a solo trip. And if you are looking for company, there are plenty like-minded individuals that you may find. Not only that, at tourist places, there are normally themed dinners, cooking classes and day tours that can help you meet people.

  • Keep documents, cash and cards safe

A very important tip, secure your cash, passport and other important documents in a wallet belt strapped to you while travelling, especially. Have copies for backup and leave some back at home too so that in the event of you losing any, you have a copy at least.

  • Say ‘No’ to technology

Women tend to have hectic lives so taking a break should mean just that – take a break! Take a break from the daily routine to give yourself the ‘me-time’ that you need, but more so, take a break from the internet, from social media and relax and enjoy your holiday. No screen time will allow you to meet yourself at a deeper level. And there is always time to upload the gram with the amazing holiday video once you’re back in the confines of your home.

Women’s solo travel groups in India

Since this trend has found its wings, solo trips for women in India have become a big feature. There are solo woman travel groups that find niche destinations based on your requirements and make sure that everything revolves around you having the best time of your life, whatever age you are at that point. This takes the edge off of the trip and you don’t have to worry about bookings and travel and stay etc. You just have to show up.


Not only do you get to travel securely with a travel group, but also make new friends. There are always some like-minded women that will be on a solo trip for women too. WeGoBond is one such travel company that focuses on making itineraries for women’s holidays that can be most called, envious. They think of everything a place has to offer and then, some more. Go on that solo trip once and you will be left longing for more. Go on it alone, with your BFF or with a group of college friends, and it very well may become an annual thing. And while you are at your destination, do not forget to eat the local food, buy the local handicrafts, stay in locally-owned accommodation, meet the locals and contribute to their economy. Be supportive!