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Norway Guided Tours: 8 Experiences That Will Make You Never Want To Leave Norway


From gorgeous mountains, massive glaciers to stunning fjords, Norway is an untouched beauty waiting to be explored. Thanks to its location that has managed to keep this country a mystery to many. If you love exploring the unexplored, our women-only holiday to Norway will offer you some of the best experiences ever!

With stunning Aurora Borealis, large historic cities, magnificent cathedrals, a progressive population and unending ways to stay active outdoors, the Scandinavian country of Norway is surreal!

Here are 5 experiences that you just cannot miss when you visit the ‘Northern Beauty!

Aurora Borealis activity in the world – Tromsø

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Also known as the ‘Northern Lights’ this usual phenomenon in the Arctic region is an experience you cannot miss. And with our Hunting the Northern lights trip this February, you can be one of the few women that get to experience this stunning sight!

Our women-only tour will take you to the city of Tromsø where you can chase the Aurora and take the most stunning photos ever!


If you are looking for a better city to live, we bring you Oslo. Here, you can enjoy car-free streets, eco-friendly gourmet restaurants, museums and galleries, interesting architecture, and a lot more. While Norway’s capital city is small, there’s plenty to do and we guarantee you won’t get bored at all.

Besides, what makes it even better is the city’s location. It is placed strategically between the blue Oslofjord and the vast green forest of Oslomarka that lets you go hiking, cycling, fishing, and skiing.

Still, think you can give our women-only holiday to Norway a miss?

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Winter Fjords Cruise:

How often do you get a chance to cruise?

Especially between a submerged glacier valley through some of the most beautiful natural attractions around.

With our women-only trip to Norway, you will get a chance to see the characteristic island Håja and learn about the history, landscape and wildlife of the incredible island of Kvaløya.

If you are lucky on this women-only holiday, we might also get a chance to see whales, otters, seals and sea eagles. Besides, you could also be given the opportunity to try some fishing.

Train Ride to Myrdal:

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You might have spent hours traveling by train but nothing as scenic as the world’s most wonderful train ride from Oslo to Flam. Our women-only holiday Norway guided tours guarantee you all the fun!

Simply get in the train and enjoy the incredible journey through steep gradient and picturesque nature.

Don’t forget to count the tunnels on your way!


Spectacular Photo Opportunities

No matter where you go travelling on our Norway guided tours, there is one companion that remains constant, your camera!

And with a camera, wouldn’t you love to take a picture when you stand in the air?

Kjeragbolten in Norway is an unusual boulder which stands between two sides of 984 metre-high mountain crevice and surprisingly.

A picture might seem apt with you on top, however, the challenge lies in reaching the top.


The second largest city of Norway, Bergen, lies up the mountainsides, overlooking the sea, embracing you. Here, you will get to see the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the painted wood houses, museums, art galleries and much more.

So don’t forget to keep your cameras ready!

The Atlantic Ocean Road:

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If you love long beautiful roads and the wind in your hair, Norway is home to the ‘world’s best road trip’.

With our land of the midnight sun trip, we will drive through this exquisite 8.5 kilometres route splashed occasionally by sea waters.

Excited much?

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Rib Boat in Tromso:

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Northern lights are not the only reason to visit Tromso! With our Trip this summer, you can hop on to a Rib boat and admire the Norwegian landscape under the midnight sun.

If you’re lucky, spot the harbour porpoises, seals, and sea eagles.

So why wait now?

So, if you’re looking to experience the beauty of Norway, then make sure to check out our women-only holidayHunting the Northern Lights Trip and The Land of the Midnight Sun!