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Meet Pooja at any point of time and chances are she is planning another getaway with her teenage son, that is how fond she is of traveling. Wherever she travels, she likes to dive deep into the culture of the place, mix up with the locals, and relish their cuisines. No Vacation is long enough for her, as she claims to be “never home-sick”.

Her most memorable trip is the one she took to the North East during Christmas time, 9 days of road-tripping – the long drives on winding roads leading to frozen lakes. This time she traveled with only women-friends & sisters, with kids tucked in the tow, changed her look out on traveling forever.

Pooja gave up her full time desk job and now freelance with WeGoBond. She currently handles the back-end work and plans to start leading trips for us very soon.

Fun Fact : An excellent chef, whenever she is in the mood and let’s not even go to her Mixology skills…ahem ahem!!!