Northeastern Gems

Northeast India, a captivating region often referred to as the “Seven Sisters,” stands as a beacon of diversity and unexplored beauty, making it an ideal destination for ‘tours for women’. Nestled at the easternmost frontier of the Indian subcontinent, it is bordered by Bhutan, Tibet, Myanmar, and Bangladesh, creating a fascinating blend of cultures and histories. This geographical tapestry weaves together a plethora of ethnic groups, each with its own distinct languages, traditions, and customs, presenting a rich cultural mosaic that is both intriguing and enlightening. The region’s history is as varied as its people, with stories that range from ancient tribal traditions to significant events during India’s freedom struggle. The landscape is equally diverse, encompassing everything from snow-capped Himalayan peaks and lush green valleys to dense tropical forests and majestic river plains. For women seeking adventure, cultural immersion, or simply a journey off the beaten path, Northeast India offers an unparalleled experience that resonates with empowerment, discovery, and a deep connection with nature.

Destinations to Explore

Women only tripsNortheast India, a region replete with wonders, offers a multitude of destinations that are perfect for ‘women-only trips’, catering to those seeking adventure, culture, and natural beauty. Here’s a list of must-visit places:

  • Kaziranga National Park, Assam: A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kaziranga is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. Famous for its population of the Great Indian One-Horned Rhinoceros, this park also hosts tigers, elephants, and a variety of birds. Women-only trips here can include exciting jeep safaris and elephant rides, offering a thrilling and safe wildlife experience.
  • Tawang Monastery, Arunachal Pradesh: Perched in the Himalayas, Tawang Monastery is the largest monastery in India and a spiritual hub. Its serene environment and rich history make it an enlightening destination for women travelers seeking peace and introspection. The journey to Tawang itself, through winding mountain roads and stunning landscapes, is an adventure.
  • Majuli Island, Assam: The world’s largest river island, Majuli, is a cultural and ecological wonder. Women-only trips here can explore the vibrant tribal culture, visit traditional monasteries, and witness the unique lifestyle that thrives on this island. Majuli’s annual Raas festival is a spectacle of color and dance that shouldn’t be missed.
  • Living Root Bridges, Meghalaya: In the heart of Meghalaya’s lush greenery, these natural bridges, woven from the roots of rubber trees, are a testament to the ingenuity of the Khasi tribes. Women’s groups can trek through the enchanting forests to reach these bridges, enjoying a bonding experience amidst nature’s marvels.
  • Cherrapunji, Meghalaya: Known as one of the wettest places on earth, Cherrapunji offers breathtaking waterfalls, mysterious caves, and beautiful viewpoints. Women’s groups can indulge in nature walks, cave explorations, and enjoy the spectacular views of the Bangladesh plains.
  • Gangtok and Nathula Pass, Sikkim: Gangtok, the capital city of Sikkim, provides a mix of modernity and tradition. A trip further to Nathula Pass, which is a part of the historic Silk Route, offers stunning views and a feel of the high-altitude Himalayan terrain. The city’s monasteries, gardens, and local markets are also great for exploration.
  • Manas National Park, Assam: Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, Manas is known for its rare and endangered endemic wildlife. This park is less crowded than Kaziranga, offering a more secluded wildlife viewing experience. Women’s groups can enjoy river rafting on the Manas River and spot the beautiful flora and fauna of the region.

Each of these destinations in Northeast India offers unique experiences, perfect for women-only trips, where safety, camaraderie, and the joy of exploration can be experienced to their fullest.

Cultural Insights

“Women Special Tours” in Northeast India offer a unique opportunity to delve deep into the vibrant tapestry of cultures and traditions that define this region. This journey through the northeastern states is not just about sightseeing, but a cultural immersion that allows women travelers to witness and participate in local customs, festivals, and traditional attire unique to each state.

  • Assam: The Bihu festival, celebrated thrice a year, is a joyous occasion in Assam. Women travelers can witness the traditional Bihu dance, marked by its rhythmic movements and vibrant attire, including the Mekhela Chador, a traditional Assamese dress. The Ambubachi Mela at the Kamakhya Temple, a celebration of the goddess of power, resonates strongly with female empowerment, making it a significant event for women visiting Assam.
  • Arunachal Pradesh: The state is known for its diverse tribes, each with distinct cultural practices. The Nyokum festival of the Nyishi tribe, celebrating harmony and prosperity, is a colorful spectacle. Women on special tours can don traditional attire like the ‘Galuk’, a type of skirt, and participate in local dances, creating a memorable experience.
  • Meghalaya: Home to the matrilineal Khasi and Jaintia tribes, Meghalaya offers a unique insight into a society where women hold significant roles. The Nongkrem Dance Festival is a five-day religious festival involving ceremonial dances, where women can observe the elegant ‘Jainsem’ and ‘Dhara’, traditional Khasi dresses. The serene environment of Mawlynnong, Asia’s cleanest village, also showcases the sustainable lifestyle led by the local community.
  • Nagaland: The Hornbill Festival, known as the ‘Festival of Festivals’, is a celebration of Nagaland’s indigenous culture. Here, women can see a magnificent display of Naga traditional attire, each tribe with its unique designs and patterns. The festival is a feast of folk dances, music, and traditional arts, providing an immersive cultural experience.
  • Manipur: The state is famous for its classical dance form, Manipuri. Women’s tours can coincide with the Lai Haraoba festival, a celebration of local deities, where they can witness the graceful Manipuri dance. The traditional Manipuri dress, ‘Phanek’, and the ‘Potloi’, a bridal dress, are stunning pieces of attire that reflect the state’s rich textile heritage.
  • Sikkim: The Saga Dawa, marking the enlightenment of Buddha, is a key festival in Sikkim. It is a spiritual experience where women can observe peaceful Buddhist practices and monastic dances. The traditional dress ‘Bakhu’, a close-fitting dress paired with a silk scarf, is a beautiful aspect of Sikkimese culture.
  • Tripura: The Kharchi Puja, a week-long celebration, is an excellent time for women to visit Tripura. It’s a blend of tribal and Bengali cultures, offering insights into the state’s diverse community. Women can witness the Garia dance and explore the state’s bamboo handicrafts, an integral part of Tripura’s culture.

“Women Special Tours” in Northeast India not only allow female travelers to explore these diverse cultures but also provide a safe and supportive environment to engage deeply with local traditions and lifestyles.

Culinary Journey

“Tours for women” in Northeast India offer a delightful culinary journey, where travelers can savor the distinct and flavorful local cuisine. Here are some highlights of the region’s delicacies:

  1. Bamboo Shoot Dishes (Assam and Nagaland): Bamboo shoots are a staple in many Northeastern dishes. They are used in curries, pickles, and stir-fried dishes, offering a unique, earthy flavor.
  2. Smoked Meats (Nagaland): Smoked pork and beef are specialties in Naga cuisine. These meats are often cooked with fiery chillies and aromatic herbs, creating a bold and delicious flavor profile.
  3. Rice Beer (Arunachal Pradesh and Assam): Locally brewed rice beer, known as Apong in Arunachal Pradesh and Zutho in Assam, is a traditional alcoholic beverage. It’s a must-try for women exploring the local culture and traditions.
  4. Fish Tenga (Assam): A tangy fish curry, Fish Tenga is a beloved Assamese dish. Made with tomatoes, outenga (elephant apple), and a variety of herbs, it’s a refreshing and light meal.
  5. Jadoh (Meghalaya): A popular Khasi dish, Jadoh is a flavorful rice and meat preparation, often made with pork. It’s spiced delicately and is a comforting food choice.
  6. Thukpa (Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh): Thukpa, a Tibetan noodle soup, is popular in the hilly regions. Made with vegetables, meat, and warming spices, it’s perfect for the cooler climates.
  7. Momos (Sikkim): These Tibetan-style dumplings are a favorite in Sikkim. Filled with meat or vegetables, they are steamed or fried and served with spicy sauces.
  8. Chikhvi (Tripura): Made from bamboo shoot and pork, Chikhvi is a Tripuri delicacy. The combination of tender pork with the unique taste of bamboo makes it a must-try.
  9. Axone (Nagaland): Axone, fermented soybean, is used in various Naga dishes. It adds a distinct flavor and is often used in pork preparations.

On ‘tours for women’ in Northeast India, travelers can indulge in these authentic dishes, experiencing the rich culinary heritage of the region. This gastronomic adventure is sure to be a highlight of their travel experience.

Adventure Activities

Women Special tours“Women-only trips” in Northeast India are perfect for those seeking adventure in some of the most exhilarating and beautiful landscapes. Here are some activities that can be included in these trips:

  • River Rafting in Arunachal Pradesh:
      • Experience the thrill of white-water rafting on the Siang River in Arunachal Pradesh.
      • Suitable for both beginners and experienced rafters.
      • Navigate through stunning gorges and remote areas, offering a mix of serene stretches and exciting rapids.
  • Trekking in Sikkim:
      • Trek the majestic Himalayan trails in Sikkim, such as the Goecha La trek, offering breathtaking views of Kanchenjunga.
      • Explore rhododendron forests, serene lakes, and quaint villages.
      • Ideal for women who love high-altitude trekking and exploring remote natural beauty.
  • Caving in Meghalaya:
      • Explore the mysterious and beautiful caves of Meghalaya, like the Mawsmai and Krem Phyllut caves.
      • Experience the unique activity of spelunking, suitable for adventurous women seeking something offbeat.
      • Witness stunning natural formations inside the caves, making it a memorable part of the trip.
  • Paragliding in Assam:
      • Take to the skies by paragliding in Kamshet, Assam.
      • Enjoy the panoramic views of the lush landscape and rivers below.
      • A perfect activity for women seeking an adrenaline rush and a new perspective of the region’s beauty.
  • Mountain Biking in West Bengal (Darjeeling):
      • Experience the thrill of mountain biking down the slopes of Darjeeling.
      • Explore tea gardens and mountain trails with breathtaking views of the Himalayas.
      • Suitable for women of all skill levels, with options for guided tours.
  • Zip-lining in Cherrapunji, Meghalaya:
    • Experience the exhilaration of zip-lining across valleys and waterfalls in Cherrapunji.
    • Enjoy a bird’s eye view of the lush green landscapes and misty cliffs.
    • An exciting activity that combines adventure with stunning natural beauty.

These “Women-only trips” in Northeast India offer a safe and supportive environment for women to indulge in adventurous activities, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Wildlife and Natural Beauty

“Women Special Tours” in Northeast India offers an extraordinary opportunity to explore the region’s rich biodiversity. This area is a treasure trove of unique wildlife, including rare species like the one-horned rhinoceros and the red panda. Here are some national parks and sanctuaries that are highlights for such tours:

  • Kaziranga National Park, Assam:
      • A UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for its population of the one-horned rhinoceros.
      • Women can enjoy elephant safaris and jeep tours to witness these majestic creatures, as well as tigers, elephants, and a variety of birds.
  • Manas National Park, Assam:
      • Known for its stunning scenery and rich wildlife, including tigers, elephants, and the endangered Assam roofed turtle.
      • Offers exciting activities like river rafting and jungle treks, ideal for adventurous women.
  • Namdapha National Park, Arunachal Pradesh:
      • A biodiversity hotspot, home to a wide variety of flora and fauna.
      • Here, women can trek through dense forests and might spot species like the red panda, snow leopards, and clouded leopards.
  • Sangai Deer at Keibul Lamjao National Park, Manipur:
      • The only floating national park in the world, located on the Loktak Lake.
      • Famous for the endangered Sangai deer, this park offers a unique experience of wildlife viewing on floating phumdis (mass of vegetation, soil, and organic matter).
  • Nokrek National Park, Meghalaya:
      • A UNESCO Biosphere Reserve known for its population of red pandas.
      • Women can explore the rich biodiversity of the park, which includes various species of plants, birds, and mammals.
  • Pakke Tiger Reserve, Arunachal Pradesh:
      • A haven for tiger conservation and a hotspot for bird watchers.
      • Women can indulge in guided jungle walks and bird watching tours, experiencing the wild in a safe and guided environment.
  • Singalila National Park, West Bengal:
    • Located at a high altitude, this park is known for its breathtaking Himalayan views and the rare red panda.
    • Women can engage in guided treks and spot diverse wildlife amidst the stunning landscape.

“Women Special Tours” in these parks provide a blend of adventure, education, and relaxation, all while experiencing the remarkable wildlife and scenic beauty of Northeast India. These tours are designed to cater to women’s preferences and provide a comfortable and enriching wildlife experience.

Local Handicrafts and Shopping

“Tours for women” in Northeast India offer a unique opportunity to explore and support the region’s rich tradition of handicrafts and handlooms. These tours not only provide an insight into the local culture but also encourage sustainable tourism by supporting local artisans. Here’s a showcase of some of the handicrafts and handlooms from this region:

  1. Assam Silk: Known for its natural sheen and elegance, Assam Silk, including varieties like Muga, Eri, and Pat, is a must-see for women on these tours. Visiting silk weaving villages allows travelers to witness the intricate process of silk production and purchase authentic silk products directly from the artisans.
  2. Bamboo and Cane Crafts of Assam and Tripura: Northeast India is famous for its bamboo and cane crafts. Women on these tours can visit workshops where artisans create exquisite baskets, furniture, and decorative items, showcasing their exceptional craftsmanship.
  3. Naga Shawls from Nagaland: Each Naga tribe has its unique pattern and design, making their shawls not just a piece of cloth but a story woven in threads. Women traveling can learn about the cultural significance of these shawls and take home these beautiful pieces of art.
  4. Manipur’s Kauna Reed Mat Weaving: The art of weaving mats and baskets from Kauna (water reed) is unique to Manipur. Women on these tours can observe the intricate weaving process and purchase these eco-friendly products.
  5. Sikkim’s Thangka Paintings: Thangka paintings are traditional Tibetan Buddhist paintings on fabric. Visiting these artists offers insight into the religious and artistic history of the region. Women can buy these paintings as souvenirs, supporting the local art.
  6. Mizoram’s Puan: Traditional Mizo handwoven fabric, known for its vibrant colors and patterns, is used in making wraps and shawls. These tours can include visits to local weavers, providing a chance to see the creation process and purchase directly from the artisans.
  7. Arunachal Pradesh’s Apatani Weaving and Wood Carving: Arunachal Pradesh offers a variety of handicrafts, including textile weaving with intricate designs and wood carvings that reflect tribal folklore. Women visiting these workshops can experience the cultural richness of the state.
  8. Meghalaya’s Khasi Bamboo Dance Hats: Unique to the Khasi tribe of Meghalaya, these handcrafted bamboo hats are an integral part of traditional dances. They make for unique souvenirs and help in keeping the local craftsmanship alive.

“Tours for women” in Northeast India not only provide a travel experience but also empower local communities by supporting their crafts. These tours are an excellent way for women to engage with and contribute to the preservation of the region’s cultural heritage.

Sustainable and Responsible Tourism

“Women Special Tours” in Northeast India carry a significant responsibility to uphold and promote responsible tourism practices. As these tours take women through some of the most ecologically sensitive and culturally rich areas in India, it becomes imperative to emphasize the importance of preserving the natural and cultural heritage of the region. Travelers are encouraged to engage with local communities in a respectful and ethical manner, understanding and valuing their traditions and way of life. This includes supporting local economies by purchasing local handicrafts and partaking in authentic, community-led experiences. Additionally, environmental conservation is a key focus, with women being advised to minimize their ecological footprint by avoiding plastic, responsibly disposing of waste, and adhering to wildlife guidelines during safaris and treks. By embracing these sustainable practices, “Women Special Tours” not only offer an enriching travel experience but also contribute to the preservation and appreciation of the unique heritage of Northeast India, ensuring its wonders remain unspoiled for future generations.

Travel Tips and Practical Information

For “Women only trips” planning to explore Northeast India, here are some concise and useful travel tips:

  • Getting There:
      • By Air: Major airports in the region include Guwahati (Assam), Imphal (Manipur), and Bagdogra (West Bengal). These airports are well-connected with major Indian cities.
      • By Train: Guwahati is the primary railhead, linking to different parts of India. From here, local trains and road transport can be used to travel within the region.
      • By Road: Good road networks connect the major cities of Northeast India. State-run and private buses, as well as taxi services, are available.
  • Best Time to Visit:
      • October to April: Ideal for wildlife viewing and festivals.
      • May to September: Good for trekking and exploring the valleys, although monsoon season can impact travel in some areas.
  • Accommodations:
      • Hotels and Resorts: Available in major cities and tourist spots, catering to various budgets.
      • Homestays: Offer an authentic experience and local hospitality, especially in rural and tribal areas.
      • Eco-Camps: Ideal for nature lovers, available in areas near national parks and wildlife sanctuaries.
  • Travel Within the Region:
    • Local Transport: Taxis and local buses are widely available.
    • Private Vehicles: Can be hired for more comfort and flexibility, especially for remote areas.
    • Guided Tours: Recommended for less accessible or culturally sensitive areas, providing local insight and support.

Women planning these trips should prioritize safety, respect local customs, and opt for eco-friendly options wherever possible to ensure a responsible and enriching travel experience.

Conclusion and Reflection

Northeast India, with its unspoiled beauty and rich cultural tapestry, presents a world waiting to be discovered on “Women-only trips.” This region, often referred to as India’s hidden paradise, is a mosaic of vibrant cultures, exotic landscapes, and deep-rooted traditions. Each state in the Northeast stands unique with its distinct language, cuisine, and customs, offering a plethora of experiences. From the serene monasteries of Arunachal Pradesh to the bustling bazaars of Assam, and from the lush greenery of Meghalaya to the vibrant festivals of Nagaland, there’s a story at every turn. The warmth and hospitality of its people make this journey even more special, particularly for women travelers seeking safe yet adventurous experiences. Northeast India isn’t just a destination; it’s a gateway to experiences that resonate deeply and memories that last a lifetime. Embark on this journey and explore the wonders of Northeast India. Plan your exclusive women’s trip now at WeGoBond and be a part of an unforgettable adventure.

Women-Only Trips

Women-only trips are experiencing a notable surge, epitomizing the empowering essence of female travel. This rising trend signifies a collective embrace of the transformative impact that travel can have on women. From fostering independence to cultivating new friendships, these trips empower women to navigate the world with confidence. The camaraderie formed in the female-centric travel community resonates with the broader narrative of female empowerment through travel, providing a platform for women to explore, connect, and create enduring memories in a supportive and uplifting environment.

Empowerment and Camaraderie

Women-only trips carve out a distinctive space for empowerment, creating a canvas where women can redefine their narratives and forge profound connections. These journeys transcend conventional travel by fostering an environment where participants share common experiences, aspirations, and challenges. The collective spirit that arises enables women to uplift and inspire one another, cultivating lasting bonds. This unique space becomes a catalyst for personal growth, self-discovery, and the cultivation of a supportive network. In the tapestry of women-only trips, empowerment is not just an outcome; it’s an immersive and transformative journey where strong connections among participants become the threads that weave a vibrant, empowering community.

Safe and Supportive Environment

The power of female travel lies in the creation of a safe and supportive environment that fosters both security and camaraderie. Ensuring women feel secure during their journeys is paramount, allowing them to explore the world with confidence. This sense of safety cultivates camaraderie among participants, forging connections that extend beyond travel. By prioritizing a supportive atmosphere, female travel becomes a transformative experience where women can share stories, challenges, and triumphs, reinforcing a strong sense of community. This collective environment not only enhances the travel experience but empowers women to embrace the world with resilience and mutual support.

Cultural Immersion and Bonding

Female empowerment through travel reaches its zenith as women-only trips provide a unique chance for cultural immersion and profound bonding. These journeys create a space where participants share in-depth experiences, forging connections that transcend borders. The cultural richness becomes a backdrop for lasting memories, weaving a tapestry of shared adventures. Women bond over newfound perspectives, creating friendships that extend beyond the trip itself. The collective immersion in diverse cultures not only broadens horizons but becomes a catalyst for empowerment, as women return with enriched perspectives, strengthened bonds, and a reservoir of memories that embody the transformative power of female travel.

Personal Growth and Confidence

Solo Adventures:

  • Encourage independence and self-reliance.
  • Foster self-discovery by navigating challenges alone.
  • Enhance problem-solving skills and decision-making.

Group Adventures:

  • Cultivate teamwork and interpersonal skills.
  • Provide a supportive network for shared experiences.
  • Offer diverse perspectives for collective growth.

Combined Impact:

  • Solo adventures build individual resilience.
  • Group adventures create a sense of community.
  • Both contribute to well-rounded personal growth.

Boosting Confidence:

  • Overcoming solo challenges instills confidence.
  • Group interactions offer positive affirmation and encouragement.
  • Cumulative effect bolsters overall self-assurance.

Catalyst for Change:

  • Solo and group adventures serve as catalysts for transformative life changes.
  • The blend of experiences fuels a holistic journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Diverse Travel Experiences

Adventure Trips Thrilling excursions like hiking, trekking, or water sports that empower women through conquering challenges.
Cultural Explorations Immersive experiences exploring diverse cultures, fostering understanding, and empowering through shared knowledge.
Wellness Retreats Trips centered around self-care, promoting mental and physical well-being, contributing to holistic empowerment.
Educational Journeys Opportunities for learning, skill development, and personal growth, empowering women through knowledge acquisition.
Community Outreach Volunteering and engaging in community projects, empowering women through meaningful contributions to society.
Creatives Escapes Artistic and creative retreats, providing a platform for self-expression and empowerment through artistic endeavors.
Historical Expeditions Journeys exploring historical sites, connecting with the past, and empowering through a deeper understanding of history.

This variety of travel experiences ensures that women can find empowerment through avenues that align with their interests and preferences, contributing to a diverse and enriching journey of female empowerment through travel.

Expert-Led Tours

In the realm of women-only trips, the value of expert-led tours is paramount. Knowledgeable guides from platforms like WeGoBond elevate the travel experience, providing valuable insights and fostering a profound connection with the destination. These experts curate immersive itineraries, weaving cultural context and historical significance into each excursion. Their guidance not only enriches participants’ understanding but also ensures a deeper engagement with local communities. Expert-led tours amplify the empowerment inherent in women-only trips, transforming them into transformative journeys where every step is guided by expertise, creating lasting memories and connections.

Women Supporting Women

  • Mountain Ascents and Empowerment: In a women-only trek to the Himalayas, participants rallied together, sharing encouragement and support during challenging climbs. Each summit celebration became a collective triumph, showcasing the power of female travel to inspire and uplift one another.
  • Cultural Immersion in Morocco: During a cultural exploration in Morocco, a group of women bonded over learning traditional crafts from local artisans. Their shared enthusiasm created a supportive atmosphere, emphasizing the Power of Female Travel to forge connections and appreciate diverse cultures.
  • Navigating the Amazon Together: In a group adventure through the Amazon rainforest, women navigated the river and conquered the wilderness as a team. Their collaborative spirit not only facilitated survival skills but highlighted the camaraderie and shared strength that define the Power of Female Travel.

Overcoming Challenges

Female travelers often encounter unique challenges, ranging from safety concerns to cultural differences. Women-only trips, designed with a keen understanding of these challenges, create a supportive environment to address and overcome them. The collective experience fosters a sense of security, as participants share strategies and insights for navigating unfamiliar territories. Cultural immersion becomes a shared journey, with women supporting each other through language barriers and differing customs. The camaraderie formed during women-only trips provides a safety net, empowering individuals to explore confidently and challenge preconceptions. Whether it’s navigating transportation, negotiating in markets, or fostering resilience in unfamiliar environments, the collective strength and encouragement within the group embody the essence of Female Empowerment Through Travel, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth, shared triumphs, and lasting connections.

Future of Women-Only Travel

The landscape of women-only travel is evolving dynamically, transcending traditional boundaries and redefining the notion of Female Empowerment Through Travel. These trips are no longer confined to leisure; they are becoming powerful platforms for women’s empowerment globally. By providing safe spaces, fostering connections, and promoting cultural understanding, women-only trips empower participants to break societal norms, embrace independence, and build resilience. This evolution has a potential ripple effect, inspiring women globally to envision and pursue their dreams. As the demand for such transformative experiences grows, the impact on female empowerment extends beyond individual journeys, contributing to a broader narrative of women stepping into leadership roles, breaking barriers, and shaping a world where every woman feels empowered to explore, learn, and thrive. Women-only travel emerges as a catalyst for global change, fostering a collective spirit that transcends borders and empowers women on a profound and transformative scale.

Conclusion and Call-to-Action

Embark on a transformative journey with the Power of Female Travel through Women-Only Trips. These experiences, exemplified by WeGoBond, redefine exploration, offering not just destinations but empowering narratives. In the camaraderie of like-minded women, discover the strength to navigate challenges, fostering a unique bond that transcends borders. Female Empowerment Through Travel is more than an itinerary; it’s a catalyst for personal growth, self-discovery, and collective strength. Embrace the opportunity to explore the world with confidence, knowing that every step is guided by a supportive community of empowered women. Join this global movement, where women redefine boundaries, break stereotypes, and shape a narrative of empowerment. It’s not just a trip; it’s a transformative journey towards a more empowered, resilient, and globally connected you. Seize the moment; your empowering adventure awaits!

Puducherry Tour

Traveling solo is an opportunity to challenge yourself, learn new things and gain a deeper appreciation for different cultures. For many women, the idea of traveling solo can be intimidating, but with a growing number of countries offering visa-free entry for Indian passport holders, solo women travelers now have more options than ever before to explore the world on their own terms. Whether you’re part of a women’s holiday group, a women-only trip, a ladies-special tour, or a women’s adventure trip, solo travel can be an incredibly enriching and liberating experience.

For Indian women, traveling to a foreign country can be a big step. From the hassle of obtaining a visa to navigating a new culture, it can be a daunting process. Fortunately, with visa-free entry to certain countries, the process of traveling solo can be made much easier.

So what is a Visa-free entry?

Visa-free entry refers to a situation where a country allows entry without a prior visa. This is a convenient way for travelers to enter a country, as it saves time and eliminates the need for complex visa applications. It’s important to note that visa-free entry does not mean visa-on-arrival. Depending on the country, travelers may still need to apply for a visa before their trip. So, it’s always best to check the visa requirements of your destination country before booking your trip.

Countries you can visit without a visa:

Let’s take a look at a few countries that offer visa-free or visa-on-arrival entry for Indian passport holders:

JordanJordan – Indian passport holders can get a visa on arrival for a stay of up to 30 days in Jordan. Women-only travel groups can explore the ancient ruins of Petra, float in the Dead Sea, or marvel at the stunning desert landscapes of Wadi Rum.

Myanmar – Myanmar is another country that offers an E-visa-on-arrival for Indian passport holders for a stay of up to 28 days. You can visit the famous Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, explore the floating markets in Inle Lake, and visit the ancient city of Bagan.

Reunion Island – Reunion Island is a French overseas territory located in the Indian Ocean and offers visa-on-arrival entry for Indian passport holders for a stay of up to 15 days. This tropical paradise has stunning beaches, lush rainforests, and active volcanoes.

Thailand – Thailand is a popular destination for Indian travelers, and it offers an E-visa-on-arrival for a stay of up to 28 days. Visit the bustling city of Bangkok, explore the ancient temples of Chiang Mai, or relax on the gorgeous beaches of Phuket.

BhutanBhutan – Indian passport holders can enter Bhutan on an advance visa which is easily arrangeable. Bhutan is a great destination for anyone looking for a unique and culturally rich experience.

Indonesia – Indonesian visa policy is quite lenient towards Indian passport holders and they can obtain a visa-on-arrival for a stay of up to 30 days. Women-only trips to Indonesia can include exploring the ancient temples of Bali, diving in the coral reefs of Lombok, or experiencing the vibrant city life in Jakarta.

Maldives – The Maldives is a popular destination for Indian travelers and offers visa-on-arrival for a stay of up to 30 days and can be extended to 90 days. Relax on the gorgeous beaches, snorkel in the crystal-clear waters, or explore the vibrant marine life.

Cambodia – Indian passport holders can obtain an E-visa for a stay of up to 30 days in Cambodia. Trips to Cambodia can include visiting the famous Angkor Wat temple complex, exploring the floating villages of Tonle Sap Lake, or learning about the country’s rich cultural heritage.

VietnamVietnam – Vietnam also offers e-visa for Indian passport holders for a stay of up to 30 days. Explore the bustling city of Hanoi, relax on the stunning beaches of Hoi An, or trek through the lush mountain landscapes of Sapa.

In conclusion, Indian passport holders have access to a significant number of visa-free or visa-on-arrival countries. Women-only travel groups, women holidays group, ladies special tours, ​​Solo woman travel groups, and women adventure trips can be planned with ease and convenience, knowing which countries offer visa-free entry. However, it’s always advisable to check the latest visa requirements before traveling, as visa policies can change at any time.

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women's travel group tours

A great chance to see the globe with other like-minded ladies is on women-only trips. There will be friends to share the moment with, and there will always be someone to snap your picture with at popular landmarks.

The trend of women-only travel is rapidly expanding. Astute women-only travel groups are popping up to match the rise in demand for new female-only tours, which traditional tour operators are increasingly offering. Women-only travel has already become a multi-million dollar industry, and there is still a tonne of possibility for growth.

There are a variety of trips available exclusively for women. Women are particularly drawn to adventure travel. Some companies concentrate on vacations for female entrepreneurs, while others focus on food and cuisine. There are trips available at WeGoBond for almost every interest, thanks to the rise of women-only group tour options.

Why Women-Only Travel?

Travel gives you power. Additionally, it’s enjoyable. Both are things that women want and need in their lives. The following are ten reasons why women-only group tours are fun.

Bonding with Other Women

Bonds and friendships are formed via shared experiences. It’s reassuring for women to be with other females who “speak their language” and can empathize with their experiences. Women-only travel groups effectively create bonds and a feeling of sisterhood. Having the company of other women is more important than the absence of men here.

Safety and Comfort

It should come as no surprise that many women prefer to travel in groups, especially when going abroad. While traveling with men, women sometimes doubt their willingness to do new things. Not all women share this sentiment, but some believe that when males are around, they just can’t be themselves. They don’t have to worry about being eve-teased by when they are part of a women-only group. In addition, since most of the group’s transportation is shared, you are not totally on your own in the event of a medical or accident emergency. Worrying about “what if” events could appear less overwhelming.

The freedom to see the world at one’s speed and on one’s terms is a big reason why women-only trips are so popular. That’s where you can count on WeGoBond!

Freedom to Be Yourself

Women often experience less stress and more freedom to be themselves while traveling with only other women. They don’t think about who is watching them, their eating, or how they appear. Women have the opportunity to take a break from their daily responsibilities and leave their professional or caregiving hats at home. It gives one the space and time to engage in self-care and introspection.

Cultural Exploration

Women-only trips organized by WeGoBond allow travelers to interact with local women who work in traditional tourist industries but are inaccessible to mixed-gender groups. For example, they could visit a women’s cooperative in Morocco or travel in woman-only carriages in Iran, allowing them to develop deep relationships with women across cultural barriers.

Active & Adventure Travel

Women participate in hiking, cycling, horse riding, boating, diving, mountaineering, and kayaking, which is one of the strongest areas of the tourism industry. Participants in WeGoBond can explore new activities in a non-competitive atmosphere without feeling intimidated by societal expectations. Women tend to support one another emotionally, push ahead, and cheer each other on as a team when they succeed!

Continuing Education

We can all agree that travel is very educational. Still, certain trips for women exclusively go beyond just learning about the history and culture of the destination to teach participants practical skills. During their stress-free women-only trips, WeGoBond provides workshops on subjects like writing and photography for creative professionals. At WeGoBond, we will also teach basic wilderness survival skills to women who could be useful in the journey.

Celebrate Cuisine Together!

Do you ever wish to order everything on the menu when visiting a new restaurant? If you were to order a full meal for one, you would likely have to take the leftovers back to the hotel room. When you travel with other foodies, you can plan a festival of tastes and try the local cuisine. Additionally, storytelling, laughter, and a shared love of food enhance the flavor of meals. And that is possible in women-only group tours!


Affordability and quality should be taken into account when evaluating value for money. Group travel is more economical than solo travel. A travel deal involves spending money on experiences, memories, and knowledge. The consequence must be the alluring group trips that are hand-picked and expertly sewn by pros. As a result, the trend of cost-effectiveness has become fundamental!

Just More Fun

And lastly, women think traveling with other women is more enjoyable! Women like laughing. They like cooking together, getting to know random strangers, and exchanging tales of shared experiences and cultural diversity. They enjoy eating well and sometimes overindulging in wine. They like sharing knowledge, soaking up each other’s experiences like willing sponges, and are genuinely interested in one another’s life. They are eager to experience all the world has to offer. Thus they are naturally attracted to women-only adventure holidays.

Everything Is Well Planned

The itineraries experts handcraft is a real synthesis of their knowledge and a notion of what they want to accomplish, provide, and enable everyone to experience. It’s no shock that they know every place with the best sights, given how much more work goes into preparing a trip for a big group. With everything so well arranged, traveling is simpler and more enjoyable! As a result, women-only trips are seen to be incredibly thrilling since a brand-new spectacular surprise encounter awaits every time!

Wrapping Up

It’s time to put a group tour at the top of your priority list if you’re eager to discover exotic locales or experience new things with WeGoBond. A group tour, after all, combines two of life’s greatest joys: Exploring new places and socializing with others. WeGoBond is pleased to provide a service that enables women to securely travel together to places on their bucket lists.

We want women across India to enjoy the enchantment that can only come from traveling in groups. Because when women join together as a group, something inspiring happens. We support one another, chuckle and learn from one another. And together, we develop.

On a private, guided trip, discover your ideal location under the supervision of knowledgeable local experts. Single female travelers can take vacations with WeGoBond. You only need to come up and enjoy yourself; our team will handle all the planning.

Senior women’s travel group

With the pandemic and the declining world over, many countries are opening up their doors to tourists. Travelling to new climes is a much-needed proposition to most people right now as they clamour to get the vacation of their dreams after the lockdown imposition. 

That being said, another thing that has become very popular is women-only travel groups. Women have finally broken the bias of not being able to, cannot or should not travel solo. Finally, over the last decade or so, women are gathering experiences worldwide, travelling with travel groups that focus solely on “Women only trips”. 

Travel has always been a form of reconnecting with the self. For most women, travelling in group trips for women or solo has been a way to rediscover themselves and learn new things along the way, which may not have been possible under different circumstances. And that too, in a safer setting and space. 

There are many checklists to plan a trip, whether in India or abroad and it can get pretty overwhelming. One can get pretty confused as to what they need to do before and during the trip and the enriching experience of visiting a new place is lost. But if planned in the right manner, travel trips for women can be the most enlightening experiences out there. Though, it requires communication, precise planning and organisation at its best. But before embarking on that daydream, let’s define how a group trip becomes the best ever.

We have selected the 10 best ways to travel for women and without further ado, let’s get to it because we believe that planning a trip is not rocket science and there are several well-managed women’s solo travel groups that can take you on your fun vacay!

  • What is the real reason to travel? At times, some of us know where we want to travel and some of us need to get inspired. What could it be? Is it that you haven’t travelled in a long while? Or do you want to experience certain weather (could be winter snow or spring or autumn) in said place? Or have you heard so much about the culture of a place that you want to experience it firsthand? Could it be that you want to get lost in the historic monuments of an old city? Zero in on this first before you embark on your expedition.
  • Research the destination. Sketch your itinerary. There are plenty of travel blogs and tourism sites for authentic information. The Lonely Planet is the best way to go, but please use your discretion and go wild with this particular research because, in this matter, more is more & more. Make a list of realistic places to see and also add a few unrealistic ones (which can be out of time, distance or budget) because never say never, it can magically be squeezed in if you find a like-minded fellow traveller who would not hit the snooze button and explore that one market around the corner with you. Make a list of activities you would want to do and be creative. Jot everything down and don’t forget to look up Trip Advisor. 
  • A must-have is a must-do. Some places and activities are non-negotiable. Imagine going to Paris and not going up to the Eiffel Tower. Duh! But besides that, research will help you find your ideal must-do, which could be like the Lindt factory in Switzerland or kaftan shopping in Morocco and closer home, plucking apples in an orchard in Tirthan, or river-rafting in the mighty Brahmaputra in Arunachal Pradesh. One thing to remember and acknowledge is that you don’t have to go to a certain monument if it is of no interest or importance to you, this is your holiday so do what makes you happy and not because all the tourists are headed there. 
  • Pack appropriately. While this one seems like a no-brainer, believe me, putting some thought into packing can be rewarding. Make sure you have all the essentials in smaller packages, which in turn will make space for things that you may buy on impulse. Roll your clothes and use space appropriately for the things you know you will buy for certain. For example, roll your socks and stuff them into your shoes, little trinkets if absolutely necessary can find a corner in there too. And try to carry no more than two pairs of shoes and one pair of a slip-on. Also, this evidently depends on the destination. What if you need hiking boots? You may reach out for that extra pair of jeans but avoid it. Always remember on group trips for women, less is more. This is a holiday and you don’t have to dress to impress. 
  • Plan your budget. Although in a “Best solo trips for women” situation, you are paying the company that is managing the holiday, a flat rate which may account for travel tickets, stay and sightseeing according to their itinerary. But to have your own small unique experiences, you may need to spend some more. Let’s say you skip the excursion to the museum for an extra hour of meditation at the monastery in Ladakh, for example. And now that you have some time to kill, maybe a visit to the local Tibetan market?!? Well, are you stopping at window shopping itself? Hmm, so isn’t it better to know how much you are going to spend on shopping during a holiday so as to not overstretch your pocket? Or eating at the local places that may or may not be in your travel company’s plan? Hence, we come back to point number 2, research! This will give you major insights.
  • Book tickets: I mean…… if you are not travelling with a company that organises the Best solo trips for women with utmost care and experience, you need to do all the bookings. Flight tickets, and to and fro from the hotel and airport. Besides, a lot of tourist attractions internationally are ticketed and the best bet is to book it way in advance due to the influx of tourists. Why take a chance? Also, it is always good to understand the local travel system in a city. For example, it’s good to have a basic knowledge of the tube in London, or else you will end up paying through your nose for the beautiful, vintage black cabs there. 
  • Book your accommodation. As a group of women, it is imperative to look for a safe, clean and tourist-viable place. By that I mean, find a place that is best suited to your travel needs. While one can get to the destination and find a reasonable and convenient place to stay too, it is always better to be prepared than to be sorry. For example, visiting Edinburgh, Scotland in August, any given year, without prior bookings could land you in a big soup as people from all over the planet travel there in this month to prepare for the big literary, arts, theatre, history and music festival there is, “The Fringe Festival ”. Even sleeping in the alleyway was not an option at the time,  due to the crowd and weather, and anyway, every inch of the square yardage of land is taken over by artists from all over the world. Whether it’s a hostel, a boutique hotel, a luxury hotel or an Airbnb, you should book first. 
  • Go ahead and book activities as well. Once you have it down pat as to what all touristy places you would like to visit, it is always good to check them out at their website as well as the Tourism board. There are many discounts to be availed of and you may miss the bus on that if you wait right up to the last day (or not). Booking everything in advance saves you money and time. And a great way to save money and get a regulated tour is to get a city pass so that you can hop on and off the city tour bus at your pace and still have not missed a thing! Check this out at the tourism board website. Lastly, also make sure that if you are booking a popular site’s ticket, you definitely have a spot on the stipulated date and time. 
  • A small First-Aid box to the rescue. The farthest thing from our mind, when we plan a trip, is a mishap or unwarranted illness. But more often than not, people do fall ill albeit mildly due to different reasons. Could be the weather change, the time difference if travelling internationally or the cuisine. Or just the plain bug. It is important to carry all the basic medications and a first-aid box due to such emergencies. Can you imagine yourself in a place where you don’t know the local dialect and trying to find the nearest pharmacy when you have a raging headache? Better still, take your vitamins regularly and study a lot about the weather conditions and be prepared. 
  • Cold, hard cash counts. While there are ATMs across the planet, it is always advisable to carry some amount of cash on your person. There can be small, tucked-away corners that don’t have the facility in a workable condition or some other unforeseen circumstance. Roll up the cash, divide into three to four different wads and hide it in different places because, in case of a pickpocket, you are stranded. This way ensures you have money at any cost. In the case of foreign currency too, it is advisable to convert your money and carry traveller’s cheques as well.


When planning a women’s travel solo group in India or abroad, whether it may be a wellness trip or a touristy one, an experiential getaway or an adventurous sojourn, all the above tips come into play. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I looking for a cultural experience?
  • Does adventure travel float my boat?
  • Do I need to get away in time and visit some historical places?
  • Will trying out new cuisines be my calling for this vacation?
  • Do I just need a break from the routine normalcy this life has become?

The answers to these questions will send you pandering off in the right direction. And if you do not like to do all the planning, leave it up to us. We will ask you the pertinent questions, suggest a destination and create your travel itinerary, while you can just sit back and relax. Visit our website to see all places you can visit now!

women only trips

A little ‘Me Time’ is all we crave for. Isn’t it ladies? Without a doubt, we give you a chance to fulfil the year’s travel resolution. But the biggest question that tends to haunt us always, where do I travel?

Worry not; you could join our women-only trips that will ensure you take home tons of happy memories.  We personally research, visit and plan these women-only trips to ensure you have the best travel experience.

We also understand picking up a destination isn’t easy, that’s why we have listed down 6 best women-only trips you should definitely go once in a lifetime:


women only trips

If your boss cannot grant you leave for a long holiday in December, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We have designed a short women-only trip to Hampi in December!

Trust us; Hampi is the perfect offbeat winter holiday destination in India. The temperature during this time dips to 15-degree Celsius in the evenings. To make sure you have a good time in our women-only trip to Hampi, we have especially shortlisted a few things to do/see.

To begin with, visit the temples!

Hampi is home to many temples one must visit. Some are ruins, and some have become popular places of worship. One iconic temple is Virupaksha temple where it is said that Lord Shiva married Parvati. Isn’t it quite interesting?

The next on the list is:  visit the ruins of the temples, palaces and forts! You haven’t visited Hampi if you don’t see and experience the remnants of the lives lived by the kings and queens!

You have to witness the jaw-dropping sunsets and the sunrises over the boulders among the ruins. It’s a sight you’ll never regret. The top of the Matanga Hill is rewarded with one of the best views of the rising sun that South India has to offer.

Another unique thing to experience in Hampi is to enjoy a coracle ride on the waters of the River Tungabhadra. A coracle is a circular shaped country boat that can carry about 6 to 8 people on a single trip across the river. These coracle boats have been in use in Hampi since the time of the Vijayanagara Empire.

Don’t you wish to hop inside a coracle ferry right away?

So if you wish to escape on a winter holiday, join us on women-only trip to Hampi.  You sure will get lost in the winter sun and will experience the Hampi – state of mind!


women only trips

Come 1st January 2019 and it’s time for new year resolutions. Well yes, we sure will give you a chance to fulfil this year’s travel resolution!  Our women-only trip to Pondicherry in January is the perfect place to go unwind.

Once you step into Pondicherry, you’ll only wonder whether you’re in India or France. Besides, the French ambience and colonial architecture will lure you for sure.

But wait, what makes our women-only trip to Pondicherry stand out?  Have you ever got a chance to paddle out on a surf board and yell “Surfs Up”, with abandon? Sounds pretty thrilling and exciting right?

We have specially designed this women-only trip wherein we have tied up with Kallialay Surf School to bring you an introductory session with instructors that are the surf pioneers in India. Trust us, these surf instructors make surfing look like a cake-walk.

Don’t you wish to feel the power of the waves, surging forward and backwards? It sure is an exhilarating experience and it’s something you should definitely try!

“Give time a break,” says the Pondicherry Tourism slogan. So, the best way to enjoy this women-only trip to Pondicherry is by following the same slow pace.

For all you ladies who are foodies, Pondicherry is a heaven. You can indulge in all kinds of cuisines; the speciality being French food, continental delicacies, and traditional south Indian cuisine.

Obviously, how can one forget Auroville! Auroville, the City of Dawn is a settlement where people from different nations can come and live in harmony. This enormous village of picturesque houses and lush greenery is among the most untouched places in India that should be on every woman’s bucket list who is a nature lover.

Our women-only trip also includes a visit to the Mahabalipuram where you will witness the ancient shore temple, the panch rathas and other rock carvings. It is quite interesting to see the brilliance of the human effort that is scattered all over India!

Lastly, ladies, you’ve got to try Retail Therapy because nothing feels as good as shopping! You can go shopping at the local leather shops and bring back home some incense sticks, aromatic candles, essential oils, handmade paper items & handicrafts.

Our women only-trip to this French capital of India will surely be a great start to your New Year travel resolution!


women only trips

We understand you’re loaded with a lot of work and planning a holiday seems difficult and time-consuming.

Well, if you’re already frowning upon that thought, it’s time you pause, breathe and smile!

You may ask why? Well, we have a women-only trip planned to Norway in February 2019.

It’s time you and your girlies have some fun this Valentine’s Day! Don’t you worry, leave the planning on us!

There, now that smile on your face looks beautiful.

The best part about visiting Tromsø, Norway in February is that it has some of the highest Aurora Borealis activity in the world. It is located in the middle of the Northern Lights Oval, which means you have the greatest chance of seeing the lights, regardless of the sun’s cycles.

Yes, you can chase the Northern Lights with us!

Tromsø is only one of the best places in the world to view the Aurora. Hunting the Northern Lights is an experience of a lifetime.

If there is one train ride you’ll want to cherish for a lifetime it has to be the rail journey from Oslo to Flam! Flam railway is one of the most scenic rail lines in Norway without a doubt. You have to keep your camera handy as you might not stop clicking the spectacular nature, steep mountains, and foaming waterfalls.

So, are you ready to make snow-hearts with us this February?


We are never tired of planning wonderful women-only trips for you. That’s why, if you cannot make it to Norway, we have planned another exciting women-only trip for you.

Breathtaking scenery, beautiful and pristine beaches, the bustling cities & so much more, Vietnam’s culture is as rich as their cuisine. The reasons to love Vietnam are many; however, we make sure you experience the best of Sensorial Vietnam. Yes, we have cherry-picked the best for you according to ‘What women like?’, ‘what women want?’  The first time you arrive in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, you will be taken by surprise.

Just by walking through the streets of Hanoi, you will learn all about the life of the Vietnamese. You can choose to escape to the surrealistic limestone islands from the impossibly blue Halong Bay.  Vietnam is sure to get you transported to a different era while walking the streets of the historic port town of Hoi-An. The local delicacies at Hanoi will ignite your taste buds and leave you wanting for more.  

What’s the best part? Since you’re travelling with women, there’s no stopping to shopping. The traditional handicrafts of Hoi An will surely return with you back home. If you plan to travel during February, this women-only trip: Vietnam should definitely top your travel list!


If you ever visit Vietnam, you’ll realize that there’s another beautiful country that should make it to your travel bucket-list.
With white sand beaches, lush untouched jungles, mouth-watering dishes, jaw-dropping temples, Cambodia should definitely be on your women-only travel bucket list.

For those who aren’t aware, Vietnam and Cambodia are linked by the waters of the Mekong.

Ever since Angelina Jolie showcased a few action movies in the temple ruins at Cambodia as Lara Croft, Tomb Raider, this place has been a go-to travel spot on our women-only trips.

Our specially planned women-only trips for you always welcome some activity; especially for those who want to trek or cycle and explore. You can cruise on the bicycle around the paddy fields and explore this beautiful country.

Cambodia is home to the world’s largest religious monument – Angkor Wat. Watching the sun rise over Angkor Wat is one of life’s truly breathtaking experiences. Trust us, we’ve been there, done that.  You can also explore the many faces of the Bayon Temple. You may have a question; what do you mean by many faces? Yes, this incredible site has over 200 massive stone faces looking in all direction.

There is still a lot to discover in Cambodia. If you want to soak in the real and rustic Cambodia, you’ve got to visit the Tonlé Sap Lake. You will witness the communities living in floating villages around the lake. Interesting, isn’t it?

Needless to say, a holiday in Cambodia will not only be one of the best women-only trips but also a humbling experience for you.


women only trips

We are sure you will be working hard tirelessly this New Year and you wish to slow down that fast-paced city life.

How about you relax and unwind yourself in our women-only trip to Bhutan in March?

You may ask, why Bhutan?

Bhutan, also known as the ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’, is an isolated yet treasured the Himalayan Kingdom strongly knitted within its cultural realms.

Bhutan’s charm is deeply rooted in its uniqueness and authenticity, the friendliness and warm nature of its locals. One very interesting aspect about Bhutan is that the government has introduced policies to protect the country’s heritage and environment. That’s one reason, travelling there is like stepping back in time.

If you are a woman who loves the mountains as much as we do, you’ve surely got to be a part of our women-only trip to Bhutan.

Talk about Bhutan, the image of The Tiger’s Nest Monastery (Paro Takstang) always takes the front seat. It is one of Bhutan’s most iconic landmarks. The hike up to Tiger’s Nest takes a couple of hours but the views from the top are breathtaking. It is said that every Bhutanese person is expected to make the trek up to Tiger’s Nest at least once in their lives.

Bhutan is also known for its marvellous Buddhist monasteries. There is an enormous statue of the Buddha made of bronze and gilded in gold which is over 50 metres high and watches over Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan. The Buddha was built to bestow blessings, peace and happiness on the world. We are sure you already have marked Bhutan on your women-only travel bucket-list.

We hope we made a good attempt by convincing you to join us on our women-only trips!

If you’ve already thought about packing your bags already; wait!

Share it with your girlfriends and take them along.