Arctic glow

Embarking on a ‘stress-free women-only trip’ to Scandinavia, my heart fluttered with anticipation. I envisioned a journey not just through the breathtaking landscapes, but also an exploration into the serenity and sisterhood such trips offer. As our all-female group prepared to traverse the fjords, forests, and northern lights, I imagined the shared laughter, mutual support, and the unique perspectives that only a women’s collective could bring to such an adventure. Scandinavia, with its promise of stark beauty and peaceful ambiance, seemed like the perfect canvas for our group to paint memories that were both empowering and deeply nourishing.

The Arctic Glow

women's group tripThe Arctic glow, a mesmerizing phenomenon we eagerly anticipated on our women’s group trip, is a natural spectacle unique to the high latitudes of Scandinavia. As we journeyed through these northern realms, the Arctic glow greeted us with its ethereal light. This extraordinary luminance occurs when the sun, hovering below the horizon, bathes the sky in a spectrum of colors. During the twilight hours, the sky transformed into a canvas of soft pinks and deep blues, casting a dreamlike hue over the snow-draped landscapes. As the day progressed, these pastel shades deepened, creating a dramatic backdrop for our shared adventures. This constant, subtle shift in colors provided a unique backdrop for our group, enhancing the sense of connection and wonder among us. The Arctic glow, with its ever-changing palette, became a symbol of the dynamic and vibrant spirit of our women’s group trip, reminding us of the beauty and fluidity of nature and camaraderie.

Cultural Insights

  • Meeting with Sami Herders: In the heart of Lapland, we were welcomed by a Sami family, indigenous herders known for their reindeer husbandry. Their warm hospitality and stories about their ancestral way of life, deeply connected to the Arctic wilderness, were enlightening. We learned how reindeer herding is more than a livelihood; it’s a cultural heritage that respects and coexists with the harsh yet beautiful Nordic environment.
  • Traditional Scandinavian Cuisine: Our taste buds were tantalized by local flavors in a small Norwegian village. We savored dishes like ‘Rakfisk’ (fermented fish) and ‘Klippfisk’ (dried and salted cod), unique to the cold Nordic waters. The locals shared how these age-old preservation methods were born out of necessity due to the long winters and have now become culinary traditions, celebrated in local festivals.
  • Midsummer Festival: Participating in Sweden’s Midsummer festival was a highlight. We danced around the maypole, adorned with flowers, symbolizing the embrace of nature’s bounty. The joyous celebration of light during the longest day of the year was a beautiful expression of the Scandinavian love for nature and seasonal changes.
  • Fika Experience: In a quaint café in Stockholm, we embraced the Swedish tradition of ‘Fika’ – a coffee break that’s more about socializing than the drink itself. Sharing stories with local women over coffee and cinnamon buns, we felt the community spirit that’s an integral part of Scandinavian culture.
  • Norwegian Folk Music: In a small village in Norway, we were treated to a night of traditional folk music. The haunting melodies of the Hardanger fiddle, deeply rooted in Norway’s valleys, resonated with the surrounding mountains, showcasing how local culture is a reflection of the natural landscapes.
  • Danish Hygge: Experiencing ‘hygge’ in Denmark, we understood the cultural significance of finding comfort and contentment in simple things. Cozy evenings by the fireplace in a Danish home, surrounded by laughter and warm conversations, taught us the art of embracing life’s simple pleasures, a testament to the Scandinavian ethos of balance and harmony with one’s environment.

Nature’s Splendor

Our small group adventure travel through Scandinavia brought us face-to-face with nature’s most awe-inspiring spectacles. Standing at the edge of Norway’s majestic fjords, we were enveloped in an immense sense of tranquility. The towering cliffs, cascading waterfalls, and deep blue waters were a reminder of nature’s grandeur and our place within it.

As we trekked through the Swedish mountains, the landscape unfolded like a vast, untamed tapestry. The sight of wild reindeer gracefully navigating the rugged terrain was a poignant illustration of life’s resilience in harsh climates.

Perhaps the most magical experience was witnessing the Northern Lights in Finland. Under the vast Arctic sky, the auroras danced in vibrant hues of green and purple, creating a celestial show that left us in silent reverence. This phenomenon was more than a visual marvel; it was a spiritual encounter with the mysteries of the universe.

The midnight sun in Iceland added a surreal quality to our journey. Hiking under a sun that never set, time seemed to stand still, allowing us to fully immerse in the beauty and stillness of the Icelandic wilderness.

Each of these experiences, set against the backdrop of Scandinavia’s natural wonders, deeply moved us, fostering a profound connection with nature and with each other in our small group adventure.

Outdoor Activities

On our women’s group trip through Scandinavia, we embraced the thrill of outdoor activities, each offering its unique blend of challenge and exhilaration. Hiking through the Swedish Lapland presented us with rugged trails and breathtaking views, where the camaraderie among us grew with every step we conquered together. Skiing down the powdery slopes of the Norwegian mountains was a test of our physical limits and an adrenaline-filled adventure that left us exhilarated and bonded by our shared triumphs and falls.

Dog sledding in Finland was a highlight, where the power and grace of the huskies taught us about teamwork and trust. Steering the sleds through the silent, snow-covered forests was an enchanting experience, creating a profound sense of connection with the animals and the winter landscape.

In Iceland, we tried ice fishing, a test of patience and skill. Sitting by the ice hole, waiting for a catch under the serene, vast sky, was a meditative experience. Each activity on our trip brought challenges, but more importantly, it brought laughter, stories, and an unbreakable sense of sisterhood that defined our women’s group adventure.

Sustainable Travel

Scandinavia, renowned for its commitment to sustainability, offered us numerous insights into eco-friendly practices during our travels. This commitment to preserving the environment was evident in various aspects of our journey.

  • Eco-lodges and Sustainable Accommodations: We stayed in several eco-lodges, particularly in Norway and Sweden, where sustainability was not just a concept but a way of life. These lodges were often powered by renewable energy sources like solar and wind, and they practiced water conservation. The use of locally sourced, organic materials for construction and food services further minimized their carbon footprint.
  • Green Transportation: In cities like Copenhagen and Stockholm, we used bicycles extensively, a practice encouraged by the extensive and well-maintained cycling infrastructure. Public transportation systems in these cities were not only efficient but also largely powered by renewable energy, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Local and Organic Cuisine: The emphasis on local and organic food was another aspect of sustainable travel that we embraced. In Denmark and Finland, restaurants and local markets boasted organic produce, reducing the environmental impact associated with long-distance food transportation and supporting local farmers.
  • Conservation Efforts: Throughout our travels, we learned about various conservation efforts. In Iceland, we visited a geothermal power plant to understand how the country harnesses renewable energy. In Norway, we participated in a beach clean-up activity, highlighting the importance of preserving natural ecosystems.
  • Eco-tourism Activities: Many of our outdoor activities were designed to be environmentally friendly. For instance, our hiking guides in the Scandinavian mountains emphasized ‘leave no trace’ principles, ensuring that our exploration had minimal impact on the delicate ecosystems.
  • Cultural Sustainability: Beyond environmental aspects, sustainability in Scandinavia also encompassed cultural preservation. We attended workshops on traditional Sami crafts in Lapland, which not only provided us with a deeper understanding of local cultures but also supported the preservation and continuation of these indigenous traditions.

Through these practices, our trip became a lesson in how tourism can be both enjoyable and ecologically responsible, aligning perfectly with the Scandinavian ethos of living in harmony with nature.

Cherished Moments 

women group tripsOur stress-free women-only trip to Scandinavia was marked by moments that captured both the grandeur of the landscapes and the intimacy of our shared experiences. Each story behind these moments brought us closer, creating a tapestry of memories.

In Norway, as we stood at the precipice of a towering fjord, the sheer scale of nature’s creation was overwhelming. The vast, rugged cliffs dropping into the deep blue waters below spoke of Earth’s ancient history. This majestic view sparked deep conversations among us, sharing life stories and dreams, against the backdrop of nature’s grand canvas.

During a quiet evening in a cozy cabin in Sweden, we huddled around a crackling fire, sharing laughter and hot cocoa. The warmth of the fire and the closeness of new friends offered a stark contrast to the chilly, starlit sky outside. These intimate moments of bonding were just as impactful as the awe-inspiring landscapes we traversed.

In Finland, while chasing the Northern Lights, we experienced a magical night. When the lights finally appeared, dancing across the sky in luminous hues, we stood in awe, feeling both small in the vastness of the universe and yet profoundly connected to it and each other. The experience was a poignant reminder of the beauty and mystery of our world, shared in the company of supportive women.

The story behind each of these moments, set against the backdrop of Scandinavia’s natural wonders, was about more than just sightseeing. It was about the connections we forged, the shared awe, and the comforting support we found in our all-women group. These stress-free travels provided not just a break from everyday life but a deeper understanding of ourselves and each other, facilitated by the majestic and intimate settings of our journey.

Reflections and Recommendations

Reflecting on our journey through Scandinavia, I realize that this small group adventure travel experience has taught me the profound value of connection, both with nature and fellow travelers. Embracing the stunning landscapes and diverse cultures of Scandinavia in the company of a close-knit group has been both empowering and enlightening.

For those planning a similar trip, my key recommendations would be to choose the right time for what you want to experience: Summer for the Midnight Sun and milder outdoor activities, or Winter for the Northern Lights and snow sports. Essential items include appropriate clothing for the season (layering is crucial), durable hiking boots, a high-quality camera, and an open heart ready for adventure.

As for must-see locations, don’t miss Norway’s fjords, the Northern Lights in Lapland, and the cultural richness of cities like Copenhagen and Stockholm. For detailed itineraries and more travel tips, I recommend checking out, a resource that greatly helped in planning our memorable adventure.

Have you ever embarked on a women’s group trip to Scandinavia or a similar destination? We would love to hear about your experiences! Whether it was the awe-inspiring Northern Lights, the charm of Scandinavian cities, or the unique camaraderie of traveling in a women-only group, share your stories and tips in the comments below. Your insights could inspire and guide others looking to embark on their adventure. Let’s connect and exchange our travel tales! 🌍✈️💫 #WomenGroupTrips

women's travel group tours

A great chance to see the globe with other like-minded ladies is on women-only trips. There will be friends to share the moment with, and there will always be someone to snap your picture with at popular landmarks.

The trend of women-only travel is rapidly expanding. Astute women-only travel groups are popping up to match the rise in demand for new female-only tours, which traditional tour operators are increasingly offering. Women-only travel has already become a multi-million dollar industry, and there is still a tonne of possibility for growth.

There are a variety of trips available exclusively for women. Women are particularly drawn to adventure travel. Some companies concentrate on vacations for female entrepreneurs, while others focus on food and cuisine. There are trips available at WeGoBond for almost every interest, thanks to the rise of women-only group tour options.

Why Women-Only Travel?

Travel gives you power. Additionally, it’s enjoyable. Both are things that women want and need in their lives. The following are ten reasons why women-only group tours are fun.

Bonding with Other Women

Bonds and friendships are formed via shared experiences. It’s reassuring for women to be with other females who “speak their language” and can empathize with their experiences. Women-only travel groups effectively create bonds and a feeling of sisterhood. Having the company of other women is more important than the absence of men here.

Safety and Comfort

It should come as no surprise that many women prefer to travel in groups, especially when going abroad. While traveling with men, women sometimes doubt their willingness to do new things. Not all women share this sentiment, but some believe that when males are around, they just can’t be themselves. They don’t have to worry about being eve-teased by when they are part of a women-only group. In addition, since most of the group’s transportation is shared, you are not totally on your own in the event of a medical or accident emergency. Worrying about “what if” events could appear less overwhelming.

The freedom to see the world at one’s speed and on one’s terms is a big reason why women-only trips are so popular. That’s where you can count on WeGoBond!

Freedom to Be Yourself

Women often experience less stress and more freedom to be themselves while traveling with only other women. They don’t think about who is watching them, their eating, or how they appear. Women have the opportunity to take a break from their daily responsibilities and leave their professional or caregiving hats at home. It gives one the space and time to engage in self-care and introspection.

Cultural Exploration

Women-only trips organized by WeGoBond allow travelers to interact with local women who work in traditional tourist industries but are inaccessible to mixed-gender groups. For example, they could visit a women’s cooperative in Morocco or travel in woman-only carriages in Iran, allowing them to develop deep relationships with women across cultural barriers.

Active & Adventure Travel

Women participate in hiking, cycling, horse riding, boating, diving, mountaineering, and kayaking, which is one of the strongest areas of the tourism industry. Participants in WeGoBond can explore new activities in a non-competitive atmosphere without feeling intimidated by societal expectations. Women tend to support one another emotionally, push ahead, and cheer each other on as a team when they succeed!

Continuing Education

We can all agree that travel is very educational. Still, certain trips for women exclusively go beyond just learning about the history and culture of the destination to teach participants practical skills. During their stress-free women-only trips, WeGoBond provides workshops on subjects like writing and photography for creative professionals. At WeGoBond, we will also teach basic wilderness survival skills to women who could be useful in the journey.

Celebrate Cuisine Together!

Do you ever wish to order everything on the menu when visiting a new restaurant? If you were to order a full meal for one, you would likely have to take the leftovers back to the hotel room. When you travel with other foodies, you can plan a festival of tastes and try the local cuisine. Additionally, storytelling, laughter, and a shared love of food enhance the flavor of meals. And that is possible in women-only group tours!


Affordability and quality should be taken into account when evaluating value for money. Group travel is more economical than solo travel. A travel deal involves spending money on experiences, memories, and knowledge. The consequence must be the alluring group trips that are hand-picked and expertly sewn by pros. As a result, the trend of cost-effectiveness has become fundamental!

Just More Fun

And lastly, women think traveling with other women is more enjoyable! Women like laughing. They like cooking together, getting to know random strangers, and exchanging tales of shared experiences and cultural diversity. They enjoy eating well and sometimes overindulging in wine. They like sharing knowledge, soaking up each other’s experiences like willing sponges, and are genuinely interested in one another’s life. They are eager to experience all the world has to offer. Thus they are naturally attracted to women-only adventure holidays.

Everything Is Well Planned

The itineraries experts handcraft is a real synthesis of their knowledge and a notion of what they want to accomplish, provide, and enable everyone to experience. It’s no shock that they know every place with the best sights, given how much more work goes into preparing a trip for a big group. With everything so well arranged, traveling is simpler and more enjoyable! As a result, women-only trips are seen to be incredibly thrilling since a brand-new spectacular surprise encounter awaits every time!

Wrapping Up

It’s time to put a group tour at the top of your priority list if you’re eager to discover exotic locales or experience new things with WeGoBond. A group tour, after all, combines two of life’s greatest joys: Exploring new places and socializing with others. WeGoBond is pleased to provide a service that enables women to securely travel together to places on their bucket lists.

We want women across India to enjoy the enchantment that can only come from traveling in groups. Because when women join together as a group, something inspiring happens. We support one another, chuckle and learn from one another. And together, we develop.

On a private, guided trip, discover your ideal location under the supervision of knowledgeable local experts. Single female travelers can take vacations with WeGoBond. You only need to come up and enjoy yourself; our team will handle all the planning.