Menchuka – The Fabled Slice of Heaven – Sita

Menchuka means medicinal water of snow. I am tempted to interpret it as divine land in the lap of snow. Pristine and untouched, vouched for by the lack of good roads leading to it.In fact, every stone that juts out on the path, making it an extremely bumpy drive leading to this slice of heaven, … read more
Spiti – Spiti with WeGoBond – Jayanti Pandey

It is exactly two weeks today since I got back from Spiti but I already want to go back! Is it soon, I ask myself? And then I realize, deep down, I never wanted to return. But since that was not possible, I left a large part of me there. That way, in search of … read more
Turkey – My dream destination – Rupaparna Sarkar

How I missed my flight and still made it to my Dream Destination As I signed the last document in office, with one eye on my watch, I realized I was going to miss my flight. I was flying to Bombay tonight and had a connecting flight to Istanbul in the early hours of the … read more