About us (old)

“I see trees of green, red roses too...”

Do you yearn for the road less traveled? Do you long to take a break from life’s responsibilities, dust off your old backpack, and explore the world's vistas?

“I see them bloom,
for me and you…”

Fortunately, your travel dreams are ours as well. Welcome to WeGoBond – where we create journeys and memories for women with a thirst for something new.

We aren’t your uncle’s budget travel agency – we go against trends and beyond the grain to create truly offbeat journeys that fuel your wanderlust. With us, every trip is an intimate, unforgettable experience personalized for you and a small group of like-minded travelers.

Be it destinations as close to home as Hampi or Arunachal Pradesh, or as exotic and other-worldly as Iran or Norway – we research and plan every trip, location, and itinerary to save you from cookie-cutter experiences. And by ‘research’, we mean personal visits – not the first two pages of google search.

So why settle for the ordinary? Join us, and leave your footprints around the world. Get the ‘me-time’ you deserve while adding a new page to your scrapbook of memories.

“And I think to myself,
let’s go explore this wonderful world”

WeGoBond – Ladies Only Holidays

There’s just something about travelling with a small group of women that feels good for the soul – there’s a level of camaraderie, ease, solidarity and comfort that you perhaps wouldn’t get in a mixed group. We travel in groups of no more than 12-14 women, so that everyone can get to make connections on an individual level. You’ll never be just a seat number in a crowded bus of travellers.

Our women-only trips are designed for women from all ages and walks of life, married or single, united by their desire to take a break from home and work life, set off on an adventure, make new friends, create treasured memories, and have lots of fun.

Each trip will facilitate a stress-free travel experience filled with unique activities that many people never find and cannot arrange on their own. Furthermore, each trip is flexible, enabling travellers to do everything they want whilst socialising with like-minded people. Each day travellers spend time with the group and enjoy ‘me time’ to head off and explore independently as well.

The Women Behind WeGoBond


Meet Pooja at any point of time and chances are she is planning another getaway with her teenage son, that is how fond she is of traveling. Wherever she travels, she likes to dive deep into the culture of the place, mix up with the locals, and relish their cuisines. No Vacation is long enough for her, as she claims to be “never home-sick”.

Her most memorable trip is the one she took to the North East during Christmas time, 9 days of road-tripping - the long drives on winding roads leading to frozen lakes. This time she traveled with only women-friends & sisters, with kids tucked in the tow, changed her look out on traveling forever.

Pooja gave up her full time desk job and now freelance with WeGoBond. She currently handles the back-end work and plans to start leading trips for us very soon.

Fun Fact : An excellent chef, whenever she is in the mood and let’s not even go to her Mixology skills…ahem ahem!!!

women only trips

Shibani Vig

Meet Shibani at any point of time, and chances are that she’s planning her itinerary to another dream destination. That’s how passionate she is about travel – having been on the move with her army dad as far back as she can remember. A solo traveler at heart, Shibani has traversed the country on her own. And it was on one sojourn through Arunachal Pradesh that she understood what holds other women back from exploring on their own – a lack of safety and comfort. This insight is what fuels the fire in her to offer women unique travel opportunities through WeGoBond.
Fun Facts:
  • Most memorable trip is through Lahaul and Spiti in Himachal Pradesh; lived with the locals of the region
  • Two favorite dreams include playing the piano, and making a living out of traveling
women only trips

Liane Ghosh

The travel bug has been on Liane’s shoulder since childhood – and from the looks of WeGoBond’s growth, it’ll be there for a long time to come. She views chaos and order as Yin and Yang, and is just as home in an outdoor tent as she is in a 7-star hotel. For Liane, all of this is secondary compared to the sheer joy of travel, experiencing new places, meeting new people, and living in the now.
Fun Facts:
  • Tried (unsuccessfully) to smuggle a starfish in her luggage from Goa at age 7
Solo Trips for Women in India


When Ranu successfully summited all three difficult passes in Kashmir Great Lakes Trek she was empowered to take the leap of faith and start working as a trip leader after her stint working in Business Development. Having worked on 3 continents in her corporate career, a greater part of her learning is attributed to travelling and working amongst people with varied backgrounds. She does product development and is a trip leader with WeGoBond.
Fun Facts:
Scuba diving with Sharks in Maldives and hiking to Pulpit Rock in Norway are her favourite travel memories.

Sejal Mehta

Sejal has been doing road trips as an infant with her parents. One such long trip was from Bombay to Kashmir when she was only 4 years old. Her interest in Geography during school days fueled her desire to explore the world and make travel her career. She has worked with various travel companies in India and Dubai for nearly two decades. Broadly a travel professional with stints in Events, Real Estate and being a restaurant owner in Dubai has given her an opportunity to work with and meet people of different nationalities and culture. Also, the main reason why she gets along well with different people. She is an extrovert, a Hindi movie buff, loves good food and cherishes her friendships. She believes that honesty, transparency and open communication can resolve most problems between people.

Madhula Banerji

Witnessing her first snowfall in Khardung La in 2015 was a moment of epiphany for Madhula, and since then there has been no turning back. An editor by profession and traveller by choice, she first traveled with WeGoBond to Hampi and a few holidays later, started leading holidays for the company. She quit her full-time job to explore history, culture, and cuisine, make pawsome friends, and collect memories and make new ones from around the world. When not deriving sadistic pleasure from correcting the words of others, she adds to an already brimming bucket by reading up on not-on-the-map destinations and drawing up itineraries of her own. Trekking to the abandoned Incan citadel of Machu Picchu remains on top of her Bucket List. ‘Soon, very soon,’ she assures.