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    3rd Jun, 2023

TRULY Spiti – An in Depth Journey

If your idea of an experience is similar to ours – slow paced, in depth, with lots of interaction with the locals – then this one is for you!

No rush – come soak it all in.
The landscape is magical, the people are warm and simple and seem to be stuck in some other time.

This holiday is for the true traveller in you!

Our maiden trip was a Road Trip to Spiti Valley, and we absolutely love going back
We do a regular road trip for 9 nights each year – but this is the first time we are taking the plunge with such an indepth experience – with the hope that you will join us?

Spiti is tucked away in a far corner of HP on the wrong side of the great Himalayas and is often called “Little Tibet” or “Mini Ladakh”.

Certainly, the similarities are aplenty; the rain starved landscape with scattered patches of bright green poplar and young barley for relief, the mud gompas and fluttering prayer flags, the snow crowned mountains and the fast moving rivers, the breath sapping altitudes, the lone metalled highway and the vast blue skyway….

Yes, all very Ladakhi you will say, but what is unique about Spiti ?
The big difference is that Spiti is not a gigantic military base, thus making for a far more relaxed and pleasant holiday with thinner crowds.
No artillery detachment round the corner to startle you or endless convoys to pull aside for and best of all, no multiple permits to obtain or check posts where to present them.

Spiti is going where you want to and seeing what you need to.
The unimaginable beauty of emptiness, at your own pace and time.
So when you finally lose that cell phone signal, you will be transported to another world.

Our journey begins from Chandigarh and will end at Chandigarh 13days later.
Our team will include experienced and known drivers.
The terrain to get to Spiti is harsh and desolate, but the final destination makes it worth it.

WeGoBondhelps like-minded women see the world in ways they can never dream of with husbands, kids and parents in tow.
We keep our group sizes relatively small so that you can make new friends and yet find your own space. And so that when you get to our serene destinations, the dictates, dynamics and timetables of a large group don’t dent your enjoyment.

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