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  • 3rd Jun to
    3rd Jun, 2023

Puducherry is a city of contradictions. From the firmly traditional saris and dhotis of the Aayyas (grandmas) and the That has (grandpas), the popular and modern café culture of the French, to the bohemian, and enigmatic lifestyle of the folks at Auroville … there is a little bit of something for everyone! Everyone who comes to Puducherry finds a place, everyone fits in—possibly why Puducherry still has such a magnetic hold over people’s imagination!

In Puducherry, we will visit the historic French Quarter, where quaint French houses can still be found on gorgeous tree-lined avenues, and the streets still have French names!

We are also excited to take you along on a magical journey through the Pitchvaram Mangrove Forest! Known to be the world’s second-largest mangrove, after the Sunderbans, the Pitchvaram Mangrove Forest spreads over 1,100 hectares before joining the Bay of Bengal.

Prepare to be stunned at its biodiversity—the mangrove has over 50 islands, 4,400 canals, which are home to 200 species of birds and innumerable varieties of seaweed, fish, turtles, and otters! We will end this memorable trip with a scenic boat ride at Pitchvaram—something that is sure to be the highlight of your 2020 travel calendar! We will also visit is one of the five holiest places to worship Lord Shiva and known to be one of the oldest active Chola temples, the Nataraj Temple at Chidambaram.

Any trip to Puducherry would be incomplete without a trip to the hallowed grounds of Auroville! Having caused waves when it was first founded in the 60s for its principles of peace and humanity, Auroville still beguiles people and crowds of tourists throng to it every year.

After living the bohemian life, we end our weekend with a visit to Mahabalipuram to see the ancient shore temple, the panch rathas, and other rock carvings. Make sure to keep some extra room in your bags for a little shopping at the local leather stores before heading back to Chennai.

Our itinerary promises to be a fun, relaxed one where you chill out or move at a
the slightly more frenetic pace and ‘do Puducherry’.
The choice is yours!

We have picked the perfect time of the year for you to be in ‘Pondi’, as the locals affectionately say. We will stay at a charming 19th-century colonial heritage guest house located in the French Quarter that was built in the 19th century and has oodles of character.

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