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    3rd Jun, 2023

Once there was Arunachal – the land of the Monpa and the Mishmi, and hitherto mysterious but now-familiar places like Dirang Dzong, Bomdila, Se La Tawang and Namdapha; all beautiful drives through hills covered by pristine jungle, now increasingly populated by tourists…

And now there is Mechuka!
A slice of heaven.
A recent visitor has written that if she were a poet her verses would be all about this simple, stunning, emerald green, wreathed in clouds valley barely 30 kilometres from the Tibetan border. And she is right.

About a decade or so ago there were no roads to reach Mechuka and residents of the valley – the hospitable Memba Tribe would have to walk for a week to get here from the road head in Aaalo.

Thankfully there is a rough road now and the picture-postcard views of snow-capped peaks, rushing rivers and evergreen forests – make the bumpy ride up well worth it.
Mechuka is still untouched by organised commercial tourism which is why WeGoBondhoisted its flag here; to make it more of an adventure than a tour for our guests.

Make no mistake; it’s hard to reach Mechuka. But if you have a taste for the offbeat, a desire to test your own mettle and a thirst for adventure as well as the sublime, you won’t forget this journey for sure. Not in this life.

Our journey starts in Dibrugarh in Eastern Assam, which has direct flights to Delhi & Kolkata with onward connections to all major Indian cities. From Dibrugarh, we take a long drive through plains and hills to Aalo (formerly known as Along).

Inhabited predominantly by the Galo tribe, Aalo is a scenic riverside town surrounded by picture-perfect villages. After a day to rest and a chance to acquaint ourselves with the unfamiliar culture and religion of Arunachal with a visit to an Adi village, we shall hit the tough road to Mechuka.

We shall spend two leisurely days in this dreamscape taking long walks by the river, visiting the main Gompa as well as smaller shrines and trying the local Memba cuisine before heading back to Dibrugarh Airport via Aalo

Mechuka is being pushed as the next big destination in the North East – so let’s go before it becomes anything of the sort.

(We will be taking a very small group of ladies, and if you would like to join us we request to speak with you once before confirming)

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