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Of Pagodas and Palaces: Myanmar
9–16 February 2019 (7 nights / 8 days)

(Yangon – Bagan – Inle – Yangon)

WeGoBond’s maiden Myanmar trip was in December 2016 and since then we have not been able to shut up about how spectacular the trip was.

So, in the spirit of generosity and sharing all things nice, we want to do this every year and take you with us!

We start our Myanmar trip in Yangon, the country’s largest and most energetic city. Think of all the colonial buildings in Kolkata and Mumbai, and then double it! Albeit Yangon’s buildings are a bit faded and crumbling now, the city has a charm and vibe that’s hard to beat.

We then move on to Bagan. If God had a bucket list, we believe Bagan would be #1. The green and gold plains stretch out before you, with thousands of temples (pagodas) dotting the landscape. It’s majestic, it’s awe‐inspiring, and it’s like nothing you have ever seen before. Also, Bagan is one of Asia’s richest archaeological sites.

Next up on this Myanmar trip is Lake Inle. The locals like to call it the Venice of the East. But that’s an under‐sell. Lake Inle is a 22-kilometrelong and 10-kilometrewide freshwater lake. There are no roads or pavements here – everyone gets around in these fantastic long boats that are painted the brightest, most cheerful colours. Tourists have not yet overrun this destination, where fishermen enthral you with their unique one‐legged paddling technique that you won’t see anywhere else in the world.

We spend two nights in this magical location before we fly back to Yangon.

We stay at luxurious 4-star hotels with great locations in all destinations, so that you enjoy the finest hospitality that the country has to offer. Join WeGoBondon this 8-day long Myanmar trip, and go back home with a bag full of memories.


  • Get transported to history with a walking tour of Yangon
  • Horse cart ride to view sunset over the plains of Bagan
  • Cruise on the Irrawaddy River
  • Get a bird’s eye view of Bagan in a Hot Air Balloon (optional activity)
  • Stay at 4-star hotels to get the best of Myanmar’s hospitality

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