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    3rd Jun, 2023

Historical facts about Iran include tales about the first great Persian emperor Darius 1, way back in 330 BC. Since then, the country has been ruled, conquered, ransacked and built back to its incredible greatness again and again. It’s been 30 years since the last war ended, and there have been embargos and sanctions since.

But, when we visited, we realized that everything reported in the media is not to be believed. And, also, it’s nothing like Homeland!!

As a solo woman traveler, I felt safe and very, very welcome. The Iranian people are wonderful hosts and anything I say about them could not possibly do them justice. It’s something that you just HAVE to experience.

We are very proud to provide this essential travel experience, to places that should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Our itinerary starts in the capital Tehran, moves on to Isfahan and then ends at Shiraz, celebrated as the heartland of Persian Culture for more than 2000 years.
If you have some time to spare (and money!) – We highly recommend adding on an extension to an ancient desert city called Yazd.

The names of these places will feel inherently foreign-sounding, unfamiliar and exotic. That’s Iran for you, hidden away from the world for decades.

In the last few years, doors have opened to tourism, but only a lucky few get to go because few tourist operators want to take the time to get to offbeat destinations. We did and discovered a world of hidden gems.

Most of our itineraries offer oodles of free time but this trip has extensive sightseeing involved because Iran is studded with so many jewels that we don’t want you to miss experiencing.

The hotels that we have hand-picked for you are either 4 star or 5 star hotels – and while there is a wide range of quality even in these star rated hotels, these are some of the best available. I speak from experience, having seen and stayed in the 3 star hotels, and their bathrooms while on my research trip!

We end the trip by flying back to Tehran (from Shiraz and Yazd) spending the night at a hotel close to the airport and then flying back home.

If you make your travel decisions based on what most friends and family say, you will probably never make it to Iran! We know that the politics of this country are impossible to escape – however, it is completely safe.

Come, experience Iran with us.

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