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Athens – Delphi – Meteora – Santorini

Thinking about a WeGoBondtrip to Greece raised my levels of anxiety just a little.
One: I was not so much of a beach person.
Two: I was a bit sceptical about Greece living up to all the amazing brochures that I had seen since I was a little girl.

And, three: because of the Greece economy crisis that seems like an odyssey without end.
I am super happy to report that all my fears were unfounded, it’s a dream vacation place and the tourist economy is and change by!! To by!
My quest was to find intresting places and not just hit all the tourist hotspots like most other package holidays would do.

I found my answers on mainland Greece and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Join us as we explore Athens, visit the stunning monastries at Meteora – where Windswept monoliths rise abruptly from the earth, with vertical cliffs forming a dramatic backdrop against the flat fields around them – and the essential Santorini.

We hate cookie cutter itineraries – mentioning a few off beat experiences of this holiday

  • Our itinerary includes 2 nights at Kalambaka in Meteora.
  •  High above the Meteora Landscape in Greece’s central region – 60 monks and Nuns live in fabled monastries, perched on the edge of sandstone peaks.
  • The landscape is beautiful.
  • We stay in the Caldera in Imergovigli, Santorini –
  • You can see the gorgeous sunsets that Santorini is famous for from the hotel, without millions of tourists taking away from that picture-perfect view
  • A Private Walking Tour of Athens is included to introduce us to this edgy capital

We start our trip off in Athens, and just like Atlas, who carried the world on his shoulders, Athens carries a huge responsibilty to live up to the expectations of its visitors. Athens has been the center of Greek civilization for 4000 years. It’s an ancient city, still dominated by 5th century landmarks like the Acropolis and the Parthenon temple.

It’s an edgy, cosmopoliton, grungy, graceful, bustling, modern yet ancient city. You have to visit it to understand the vibe that is so uniquely Athens.

And, if one does not visit Santorini, then we Greek is incomplete.

Santorini – with Its rugged landscape owes allegiance to a rather violent volcanic eruption that took place many moons ago.
Santorini evokes images of whitewashed, cubist houses clinging precariously to rugged cliffs, overlooking the bluest sparkling indigo waters that is the Aegean.

It is calm and soothing to the soul, the sunsets make even the most stone-hearted feel something!

So, if it is swimming in balmy seas, watching incomparable sunsets that speak to your soul, and sitting out under the stars with fun-loving women or by yourself, that floats your boat, join us.

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