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    4th Jun, 2023

Welcome to the Land of the Dawn-lit Mountains.

A mass of densely forested, impossibly steep hills, and snow-capped peaks, Arunachal Pradesh is home to 26 indigenous tribes, from the Monpas of Tawang to the Apatanis of Ziro. Join us as we explore India’s wildest and least explored state, as it is popularly considered.

But before we begin this adventure, we embark on a journey to the Kaziranga National Park. Situated in Assam, Kaziranga is one of the most popular wildlife holiday destinations in the country, home to over 2,000 one-horned rhinoceros, an endangered species. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985, Kaziranga also has elephants, wild water buffaloes, and swamp deer, and not to forget the mighty Brahmaputra that flows through it.

Following this, we begin our road trip through western Arunachal Pradesh. Much of the state remains beyond the reach of tourists, but certain areas are now slowly being opened to them. We will acquire government-issued Inner Line Permits, which will enable us to visit some of the rare gems of the not-much explored Indian state.

We will drive first to Dirang and visit the orchid centre. A visit to a Monpa village is also on the cards. In Tawang we will spend time at the Madhuri Lake and the magnificent Tawang Monastery, the largest monastery in India and the second largest in the world, after the Potala Palace in Lhasa. Also visit the Urgelling Monastery, the birthplace of the 6th Dalai Lama, and the Ani Gompa, a nunnery.

We will end our road trip in Arunachal Pradesh by driving to the town of Bomdila, following which we will head back to Assam – first to Tezpur and then to Guwahati where we end our trip.

The entire road journey is filled with breathtaking views, as you pass the many waterfalls and mountain streams, and terraced paddy fields and alpine forests. Surely, the views make up for the bumpy ride!

Come, join WeGoBondon a spectacular road trip across Arunachal Pradesh that only few boast of covering.

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