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  • 4th Jun to
    4th Jun, 2023

It doesn’t take much to fall in love with a land that’s been described as a song. A song created by rain and wind that’s been sung for thousands of years. It’s a charming world, where the earth is a work of art and the skies are an endless blue.

We begin our trip in the historical city of Istanbul. The city that has one foot in Europe and the other in Asia, with the mighty Bosphorus Strait dividing it up. Or perhaps uniting the city.

Istanbul is everything you have read about, everything you have dreamt about, and more! It’s a magical city. It draws you in with its history, its magnificent architecture, its spice markets, and, in more recent times, its rocking night life. It clings to its past, yet is not afraid to duel with the future. Soak up the atmosphere here, take a ride across the Bosphorus, shop, eat, and do all the wonderful things that your mind conjures up when you think about Istanbul.

Cities, empires, and religions have risen and fallen from the unique cave dwellings of Cappadocia and you get to experience the real thing when you stay in a cave hotel. Explore the underground settlements and caves here. Visit the many valleys that dot the lunar landscape of Cappadocia, and marvel at the fairy chimneys. At the crack of dawn, view these chimneys from above as you rise in a hot air balloon and witness a magnificent sunrise sweeping the landscape. You are also in for a gastronomical treat when you sample local fare at a Cappadocian house in Mustafapasa. And, then, top everything off with a whirling dervish performance.

This trip has been kept short, so that you can also join us for Greece right after covering the essentials of Turkey. Why wait?


  • Get transported to the Ottoman glory in Istanbul
  • Stay in a cave hotel in Cappadocia
  • Rise above in a hot air balloon over fairy chimneys (optional)
  • Enjoy local fare in Mustafapasa
  • Witness a whirling dervish performance
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