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    4th Jun, 2023

Bhutan, the Land of the Thunder Dragon, sandwiched between Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh is a bewitching country full of quirky surprises.

This is a country where the absolute monarch voluntarily and peacefully ceded power to the people, where wellbeing & happiness trump income & wealth, where forests can never cover less than 60 % of the country by law, where buying cigarettes is illegal, where the national dress is proudly compulsory at work and school, and where the ultimate ambition is not to be the world’s top exporter but to be the first nation to become 100% organic.

This deeply Buddhist land opened its doors to limited tourism only in 1974, and continues to keep everybody (fortunately not India) at arm’s length or more. Which is why it is still commonly referred to by jealous Westerners as the Last Shangri La.

Bhutan, with its tree covered hills and snow bedecked mountains, its verdant valleys dotted with whitewashed wood & stone cottages, its cliff-hugging monasteries manned by lamas of all ages & sizes, and its charming towns filled with friendly mirchhi-eating people, is a bucket list topper and will remain so for years to come.

So if you are a woman who loves the mountains as much as we do, come and experience Bhutan with us in March 2018 and take back a little bit of its happiness with you.
We have been to Bhutan a few times now and it’s one of our most successful destinations.

WeGoBondhelps like-minded women see the world in ways they can never dream of with husbands, kids, and parents in tow.
We keep our group sizes small so you can make new friends, and yet find your own space. So, when you get to our serene destinations, the dictates, dynamics, and timetables of a large group don’t dent your enjoyment.

You should come with us and here is why:
March is a great time to go – the weather is great, the winter is on its way out, and its not too hot.

The standard of three-star hotels in Bhutan is a mixed bag.
I have personally picked some of the better hotels available and I can assure you the standard is superior to those being used by some of the other travel outfits.

Our itinerary includes a trip to Gangtey – Phobjika valley – a beautiful, quiet valley, a must do according to us, and not included in most itineraries to Bhutan.

Cost :
68,900 – ex Delhi on a twin sharing basis
64,000 – ex Calcutta
Please pay a booking deposit of 5,000 Rupees to confirm your spot.

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