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A Long Weekend on the Eastern Seaboard: Puducherry and Mahabalipuram
19–22 January 2019 (3 nights / 4 days)


How many places in India will you get a chance to paddle out on a surfboard and yell ‘Surf’s Up!’ with abandon? Not too many, we assure you! But WeGoBondoffers you a weekend break with the opportunity to do just that.

Puducherry promises the best surf that India has to offer and we have tied up with Kallialay Surf School for an introductory session with instructors who are the surf pioneers in India. It truly promises to be an exhilarating experience and our surf instructors make surfing look like the most effortless exercise on earth. It’s something you have to try out!

Our itinerary promises to be a fun, relaxed one where you chill out and stay with the surf or move at a slightly more frenetic pace and ‘do Puducherry’.

The choice is yours.

We have picked the perfect time of the year for you to be in ‘Pondi’, as the locals affectionately say. We will stay at a charming 19th century colonial heritage guest house located in the French Quarter.

Puducherry is a city of contradictions. From the firmly traditional saris and dhotis of the Aayyas (grandmas) and the Thathas (grandpas), to the wildly modern café culture of the French, to the bohemian, laid-back approach of the folks at Auroville … there is something for everyone. Everyone has a place, everyone fits in, and somehow there is calm amidst the chaos.

We end the trip with a visit to Mahabalipuram to see the ancient shore temple, the panch rathas, and other rock carvings. If you have any space in your luggage maybe you could indulge in a little shopping at the local leather stores before heading back to Chennai.

Join WeGoBondfor an unforgettable holiday to this unforgettable destination.


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