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  • 3rd Jun to
    3rd Jun, 2023

Reunion Island (La Réunion), a region of France in the Indian Ocean, has been a well-kept secret for far too long. East of Madagascar and southwest of Mauritius, 40% of Reunion Island is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
This exotic island, with its range of microclimates, will transport you to a paradise of varied natural beauty and cultures. The volcanic desert will leave you speechless, the mountain cirques will bring you unbound serenity, and the lagoons will make you want to embrace the ocean. Indulge in mouth-watering Creole cuisine, which has a lot in common with some Indian cuisines, and yet has its own unique taste. Walkthrough lava tunnels sculpted millions of years ago. Keep your fingers crossed to spot humpback whales and dolphins!

In a transparent kayak, commune with beautiful, multi-colored and oft-fluorescent coral life. Visit arguably the most beautiful French village. Imbibe the many flavored rums. Get formally introduced to the rare Blue Vanilla. And let the rest be a surprise – there is much, MUCH more! Oh, and bring that extra breath because this place will certainly be taking a lot of it away!

We at WeGoBondare convinced that it is time for the big unveiling. Be a
the special part of our exploratory group while we venture into this magical island.

  • Visit a traditional Creole village and mansion
  • Experience sea kayaking on the lagoon
  • Experience speleology tour in lava tunnels
  • Get adventurous and go for an active volcano hike
  • Enjoy rum tasting

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