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March 29, 2015
Suchithra Sreekumaran for Mandu and Maheshwar

First impressions are the best impressions. This turned out to be right in our recent travel to Mandu and Maheshwar along with Wegobond. We were sceptical about a group trip because of the challenges we have seen in some of the other trips. Some of them turned out to be a big cultural shock for …

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Greece – The Ultimate Guide to Meteora Hiking Tour (Tips, the best time and things to carry)

No trip is complete without making a visit to the famous Meteora. The view from a hundred feet above sea level is surely breathtaking and no words are enough to describe this feeling. Somethings are best experienced with your own eyes, don’t you think so? If you’re looking to experience the beauty of one of …

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A South Korean Sojourn

When I mentioned to my friends and family that I was going to Korea, there were a series of questions – Why? What’s there to see in Korea? Are you sure it’s safe? And of course, the over smart one – north or south? I couldn’t understand the reason for these questions – no one …

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The Mountains Are Calling

Question: What happens when you are stuck in a rut, exhausted with the mundane, and feel like your life has come to a complete standstill? Answer: You go jump off a mountain!   And jump off a mountain I did with WeGoBond’s three-night getaway to Andretta.   Nestled among the Dhauladhar range is an idyllic …

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MENCHUKA — the fabled slice of heaven

Menchuka means medicinal water of snow. I am tempted to interpret it as divine land in the lap of snow. Pristine and untouched, vouched for by the lack of good roads leading to it.In fact, every stone that juts out on the path, making it an extremely bumpy drive leading to this slice of heaven, …

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