At WeGoBond, we empower women through travel experiences by organizing customized women’s tours to female-friendly travel destinations. Our cultural immersions are tailored to women’s needs and interests and provide inclusive, enriching, and safe journeys designed for adventurous female travelers who are eager to learn more and grow in a supportive community.

WeGoBond enables our women-only travel groups to become empowered and connected. We aim to explore cultural depth and personal development. On women’s travel experiences with lots of understanding, compassion, and pleasure, we create opportunities for real understanding, real connections, and self-learning in a supportive, safe atmosphere made just for women adventurers.

Unique Selling Points

As highlighted, our women-only tours present a distinctive benefit to individuals who go on “solo woman” travel groups. Due to the exclusiveness of the tours, the women who take our packages always travel in a safe and supportive environment. In that regard, women can discover and tour a variety of cultures and destinations freely, surrounded by other female adventurers with the same ideologies and interests.

We help women travel by planning tailored trips to the most female-friendly destinations. We plan every trip according to the group’s interests and goals, so each traveler can have a personalized experience. We help women explore the world and boost their self-confidence through these special journeys.

Cultural Immersion

Cultural immersion, as it relates to WeGoBond, is when our women-only travel groups get immersed in the local traditions, people, and arts, much more deeply than the usual tourist experience. Women’s Travel Introductions are created to create deeper connections and broaden our horizons to enable us to profoundly feel the dimension of any destination.

  • Cooking classes with local chefs to learn traditional recipes and culinary techniques.
  • Private tours led by historians to explore the rich heritage and hidden gems of each destination.
  • Meetings with local women leaders to gain insights into the cultural and social dynamics of the area.

Destinations and Itineraries

  • Kazakhstan: Explore the vast steppes and modern cities, experiencing a blend of nomadic traditions and urban culture.
  • Turkey: Discover the rich history from Istanbul to Cappadocia, enjoying vibrant bazaars and ancient ruins.
  • Uzbekistan: Immerse in the Silk Road’s legacy with visits to the majestic cities of Samarkand and Bukhara.
  • Kenya: Engage with wildlife on safaris and learn from Maasai leaders about local customs.
  • Spiti Valley, India: Venture into remote Himalayan landscapes and ancient monasteries, experiencing traditional Tibetan culture.
  • Tibet: Participate in spiritual practices and breathtaking treks in the shadow of Mount Everest.
  • Nepal: Trek through the Himalayas and explore cultural treasures in Kathmandu and beyond.
  • Armenia and Georgia: Delve into the history and winemaking traditions of these ancient, scenic lands.
  • Slovenia and Croatia: Enjoy the blend of Mediterranean charm, historic towns, and stunning natural landscapes.
  • Orccha and Khajuraho, India: Visit royal palaces and erotic ancient temples rich in art and architecture.
  • Ajanta and Ellora, India: Marvel at rock-cut caves and sculptures that reflect religious harmony.
  • New Zealand: Experience Maori culture and dramatic landscapes from mountains to coasts.
  • Iran: Traverse through Persian history and modern culture in cities like Tehran and Shiraz.
  • Japan: Engage with traditional tea ceremonies, serene gardens, and dynamic city life.
  • Vietnam: Sail through Halong Bay and delve into the vibrant street food scenes of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Sri Lanka: Discover the island’s diverse ecosystems, ancient Buddhist sites, and welcoming communities.
  • Myanmar: Witness the golden spires of pagodas and traditional life along the Irrawaddy River.
  • Siem Reap, Cambodia: Explore the majestic temples of Angkor Wat and learn about Khmer history and crafts.

To provide a holistic experience at female-friendly travel destinations, our itineraries include a blend of adventure and relaxation, cultural learning, and personal time. Our customized women’s tours include a mixture of structured activities to allow for plenty of personal reflection and exploring to help clients make unique connections with the location.

Community and Connection

WeGoBond is a community uniting women, inspiring them to travel to female-friendly tourist destinations. Our tailor-made women’s tours are not merely trips; they build friendship and family, enabling you to touch base with other ladies, experience new things together, and encourage each other’s development.

Sustainability and Ethical Travel

WeGoBond is committed to sustainable travel and responsible travel practices that guarantee their women’s travel has a positive impact on the local culture and communities. It is a leading sole-woman travel agency with an initiative of promoting eco-friendly travel programs and is committed to responsible tourism where the travelers can preserve their local economies and develop a close relationship with other humans in a manner that is fair, just and equally beneficial to all, particularly to the local populations.

How to Join

Please take your first steps on your adventure by accessing our website at https://wegobond.com/contact-us/ and viewing the available trips to female-friendly travel destinations. Register as a member of women-only travel groups by completing the recommended registration form. Check out the available trips and choose the appropriate destination and dates. You can go through the booking process after that and plan your travel and stay by collaborating on the itinerary. This aspect will allow you to specify all your travel requests.

Closing Thoughts

Because travel changes people, and what better way to transform than on a women-only, culturally immersive trip? Experience a WeGoBond journey outside what you know and experience enriching new projects and experiences. Join the excitement, meet new friends, and be part of our loving community of women.

Don’t let the adventure of a lifetime pass you by! We invite you to take advantage of the one-of-a-kind experience on our webpage to learn more about the gypsy queens of WeGoBond , sign up for our newsletters to receive first-hand information, and follow us on social media to connect with our community and receive weekly travel stories and upcoming tour news. Embark on the adventure today and be part of something magnificent!

Kenya's Wildlife

Conserving Kenya’s wildlife is a paramount endeavor that holds not only ecological significance but also cultural and economic importance. Nestled in the heart of East Africa, Kenya boasts a diverse array of iconic species such as elephants, lions, rhinos, and giraffes, making it a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. However, the country faces various challenges in protecting its natural heritage, including habitat loss, poaching, and human-wildlife conflict. Through a combination of rigorous conservation efforts, community engagement, and sustainable practices, Kenya is striving to safeguard its wildlife for future generations, ensuring the preservation of its rich biodiversity and the numerous benefits it bestows upon the nation.

Since the conservation of Kenya’s wildlife has been at the forefront of the country’s agenda, with a range of initiatives aimed at protecting and preserving its precious natural heritage, one key approach has been the establishment of national parks and reserves, such as the Maasai Mara, Amboseli, and Tsavo, which provide protected habitats for a wide variety of wildlife species. These areas serve as crucial havens for endangered animals, offering them safe spaces to roam, breed, and thrive. Additionally, Kenya has implemented stringent anti-poaching measures to combat the illegal wildlife trade, including the deployment of highly trained rangers and the use of modern technology like drones and GPS tracking devices. These efforts have yielded significant results, with a decline in poaching incidents and an increase in the populations of endangered species, such as elephants and rhinos. Furthermore, community-based conservation initiatives have played a pivotal role in engaging local communities in wildlife conservation, recognizing their dependence on natural resources and involving them as custodians of their surroundings. By providing alternative livelihoods, and education, and raising awareness about the importance of wildlife, these initiatives have fostered a sense of ownership and pride among communities, leading to a reduction in human-wildlife conflicts and a more significant commitment to conservation. Overall, the collective efforts on conserving Kenya’s wildlife demonstrate a dedicated commitment to preserving the country’s natural treasures and ensuring a sustainable future for both wildlife and people.

From innovative conservation strategies to community involvement, there are success stories that serve as inspiring examples of how collaboration and perseverance can make a significant impact in protecting and preserving wildlife.

  • Community-led Conservation Initiatives

One of the most inspiring success stories in Kenya’s wildlife conservation efforts comes from community-led initiatives. By actively involving local communities living in close proximity to wildlife habitats, these initiatives have transformed the relationship between people and wildlife. The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is a shining example of such success. Located in northern Kenya, Lewa has successfully engaged local communities through programs that provide benefits such as education, healthcare, and sustainable livelihood opportunities. By recognizing the importance of community participation, Lewa has reduced poaching incidents and witnessed an increase in wildlife populations, including critically endangered species like black rhinos.

  • Anti-Poaching Measures

The fight against poaching has been a crucial aspect of wildlife conservation in Kenya. Through effective anti-poaching measures, the country has witnessed remarkable success in protecting endangered species. The Amboseli Trust for Elephants is a prime example of this success. With a focus on safeguarding the iconic African elephant, the trust employs anti-poaching patrols, aerial surveillance, and community outreach programs. As a result, Amboseli National Park has seen a decline in elephant poaching, ensuring the survival of these majestic creatures and maintaining the delicate balance of the ecosystem.

  • Innovative Technologies

Incorporating innovative technology has been instrumental in Kenya’s wildlife conservation success stories. The introduction of drones and GPS tracking devices has revolutionized anti-poaching efforts. The Kenya Wildlife Service, in collaboration with organizations like Save the Elephants, has utilized drones to monitor wildlife, detect potential threats, and swiftly respond to poaching incidents. Furthermore, GPS tracking devices have been used to monitor the movement and behavior of endangered species, aiding in their protection and providing valuable data for conservation research.

  • Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable tourism has emerged as a powerful tool in conserving Kenya’s wildlife. By promoting responsible travel practices and supporting eco-friendly accommodations, the tourism industry has played a significant role in generating revenue for conservation efforts. The Maasai Mara Conservancies, a collection of community-based wildlife conservancies surrounding the iconic Maasai Mara National Reserve, exemplifies the success of sustainable tourism. Through partnerships with local communities, the conservancies offer visitors an authentic safari experience while contributing to wildlife conservation and community development. The revenue generated from tourism activities is reinvested in conservation initiatives, ensuring the protection of critical wildlife habitats.

  • International Collaborations

Collaborations with international organizations and governments have also contributed to the success of Kenya’s wildlife conservation. The Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT) is a prime example of such a partnership. NRT works closely with local communities to establish conservancies across vast landscapes in northern Kenya. These conservancies provide protected areas for wildlife and promote sustainable land management practices. With the support of international donors and partnerships, NRT has achieved remarkable results, including increased wildlife populations and enhanced community resilience.

To cut a Long story short……

In conclusion, the conservation of Kenya’s wildlife has witnessed remarkable achievements that have contributed significantly to protecting and preserving Kenya’s natural heritage. Furthermore, promoting sustainable tourism, including group trips for women and ladies-only tour packages, has played a vital role in generating awareness, fostering a deeper connection with nature, and supporting wildlife conservation efforts. As women seek unique and empowering travel experiences, tour operators like wegobond.com, a Delhi-based company specializing in women-only tours, offer an exciting opportunity to explore Kenya’s wildlife while witnessing active participation in conservation activities. By combining adventure with a purpose, these initiatives ensure that the conservation of Kenya’s wildlife continues to thrive, engaging and inspiring women from all walks of life to be champions for the preservation of our natural world.

Nagaland Tour

Nagaland, a northeastern state in India, is known for its rich culture and diverse tribes. The state is home to some of the last tribes that are still living in their homes and are yet to be modernized. It is an adventure destination for those looking for a unique cultural experience and is perfect for solo female travelers seeking the best solo vacations. The Mon district in Nagaland is particularly fascinating for women who want to explore the last of the headhunter tribes and immerse themselves in the tribal lifestyle.

The HeadHunter Tribes

HeadHunter Tribes Nagaland

The Mon district is located in the eastern part of Nagaland and is famous for being the home of the Konyak tribe. The Konyaks are known for their headhunting practices, which they have now abandoned, but still, maintain their traditional way of life. They believed that taking the head of an enemy would bring them power and bravery, and would benefit local crops. Despite the end of headhunting, the Konyaks still hold onto their traditional tattoos, jewelry, and rituals, making them one of the most unique and distinct tribes in India.

One of the highlights of visiting Mon is the Aoleang festival, which is celebrated by the Konyaks. This festival is held in February and March and is an opportunity for visitors to witness the rich cultural heritage of the Konyaks. The festival involves traditional dances, feasts, and prayers, and is a celebration of the end of the harvest season. Women who are interested in cultural tourism will find this festival to be a unique and enriching experience.

What you can do in Nagaland on Solo Female Tour:

Best time to visit: The best time to visit Nagaland is from October to May when the weather is pleasant and perfect for outdoor activities.

solo female travelersFood: Nagaland is famous for its unique and delicious cuisine. Some must-try dishes include smoked meat, bamboo shoot dishes, and a variety of stews. Vegetarian options are also available, and local restaurants and cafes serve fresh and organic food.

Culture and Festivals: Nagaland is known for its rich cultural heritage, and the state is home to several tribal communities, each with its own unique customs and traditions. Some of the most popular festivals in Nagaland include the Hornbill Festival and the Moatsu Festival.

Adventure Activities: Nagaland is an adventure seeker’s paradise, with plenty of opportunities for trekking, hiking, and rafting. Women-only adventure holidays in Nagaland can include exploring the rolling hills, visiting traditional Naga villages, or rafting down the pristine rivers.

Wildlife: Nagaland is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including elephants, tigers, and a variety of birds. You can go on a wildlife safari to see these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.

Shopping: Nagaland is famous for its handcrafted products, including traditional Naga shawls, baskets, and pottery.

women-only tour groups NagalandThese are just some of the highlights of what Nagaland has to offer. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing holiday, an adventure-packed trip, or a cultural immersion, Nagaland is a great destination for solo female travelers and women-only tours. With personalized women’s special tours, you can tailor your itinerary to your interests and preferences, making your trip truly unique and unforgettable.

Want to visit Nagaland? We have everything you need to plan your trip! Check out our Nagaland Itinerary here – https://wegobond.com/trip/nagaland-2023/

In conclusion, Nagaland is a hidden gem in the northeast of India, offering a diverse range of experiences for solo female travelers and women-only tour groups. With its vibrant culture, stunning natural beauty, and adventure activities, Nagaland is the perfect destination for the best solo vacations for females, women-only tours, solo female travel destinations, and women’s adventure holidays. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to explore this magical state and immerse yourself in its rich cultural heritage.


Women are taking to the road, and they’re doing it in record numbers. The rise of adventure travel, especially solo female travel, is a big part of this trend. Women have long been more likely than men to be adventurous travelers, but now their numbers are growing rapidly. Why?

The truth is that today’s women are more confident than ever before. They’re more assertive and ambitious — and have learned that they can accomplish what they set out to do without needing anyone else’s help. They may not be afraid of traveling alone or taking risks, but they also know how to make the most of their experiences when life gets tough or when things don’t go exactly as planned.

That’s why adventure travel for women is experiencing such a boom right now — it’s giving women an opportunity to explore new places and experience new things that would otherwise be out of reach for them due to financial constraints or other factors like their physical health or level of fitness.

Whether you’re searching for an exotic getaway or the ultimate adventure experience, it’s easy to lose yourself in the world of adventure travel and find yourself with a new outlook on life. It’s one thing to be on vacation together as a couple, but it’s quite another thing when you’re out there by yourself. These days solo female travelers have plenty of choices when it comes to destinations and types of trips they can take. There are many women travel groups that make all this and more possible and every nook and corner of the world accessible.

Solo female travel

Solo Female TravelerAdventure travel is becoming a more and more popular way for solo female travelers to explore the world. This is because adventure travel can be done with only one suitcase, which means you don’t have to worry about packing and unpacking your belongings each time you travel. Also, if you are traveling alone, adventure travel allows you to meet new people, learn new skills, and experience new cultures.

Today there are many more opportunities for women who want to travel alone by choosing their own itinerary and destinations. Traveling solo is no longer just for the brave and adventurous! It’s a growing trend for women travelers. Women are more independent, educated, and career-oriented than ever. And with these great travel opportunities around the world come many stories of how to make the most of your trip.

Solo female travel offers many benefits: you get more freedom, flexibility, and control over what you experience; and you get to choose where you go and companies such as https://wegobond.com/ enable you to travel to exotic destinations and have great travel experiences without having to worry about the bookings and such.

Why Women-Only Tours are Popular

Women Only Travel GroupWomen-only tours are designed to provide female travelers with a safe and supportive environment to explore new destinations. These tours offer a unique travel experience that is free from the usual gender-based expectations and societal norms. Female travelers can connect with other like-minded women, form lasting relationships, and share their experiences. Women-only tours are also a great way for solo travelers to explore new destinations without feeling isolated or alone.

The best destinations for solo female travelers

Do you want to travel alone? Have you always wanted to go on a solo trip? Or maybe you’ve been planning an adventure trip for months, but have been holding off because the idea of traveling alone scares you.

We get it. It can cause major apprehension. But there are some amazing places that have lots of women travelers and solo female travelers, so we thought we’d make a list to help you out!

Women’s adventure travel takes you beyond the typical touristy places into off-the-beaten-path destinations where you can enjoy new experiences without needing to worry about having to take care of your safety or comfort level.

Solo travel is a fantastic way for women to challenge themselves, explore new cultures, and make memories that will last a lifetime. However, as a solo female traveler, it’s important to consider safety and comfort when choosing a destination. Here are some of the safest destinations for solo female travelers:

Woman Group TourNorway – With its stunning natural beauty and friendly locals, Norway is a great destination for solo female travelers. Take a hike in the stunning fjords, go whale watching, or visit the famous Northern Lights.

Puducherry, India – This charming coastal town, also known as Pondicherry, is a melting pot of Indian and French cultures. Walk the seaside promenade, visit Auroville, an experimental international community, and sample delicious local cuisine.

Jordan – Jordan offers a unique blend of history, culture, and adventure. Visit the ancient city of Petra, float in the Dead Sea, and take a desert safari in Wadi Rum.

Croatia – With its stunning coastline, medieval cities, and rich history, Croatia is a must-visit destination for solo female travelers. Walk the city walls of Dubrovnik, swim in the crystal-clear waters of Plitvice Lakes National Park, and indulge in local cuisine and wine.

Remember, safety should always be a top priority for solo female travelers. Research the destinations you’re interested in, be aware of your surroundings and trust your instincts when it comes to your personal safety. Or just let companies such as https://wegobond.com/ take over and you simply enjoy the experience.

With these destinations in mind, you’re sure to have a wonderful time on your solo travel journey!


Adventure trips for women offer an incredible opportunity for female travelers to challenge themselves and push their boundaries. Whether it’s kayaking, hiking, or cycling, these trips provide an adrenaline rush and a sense of accomplishment that is hard to beat.

The rise of adventure travel for solo female travelers has brought about a new era in travel. Women-only tours and women’s adventure travel companies such as https://wegobond.com/ offer a unique travel experience that is safe, supportive, and empowering. Female travelers can now challenge themselves, explore new destinations, and form lasting relationships with other like-minded women. Adventure travel has never been more accessible or more exciting for solo female travelers, so why not take the leap and book your next adventure today? Check out the upcoming adventure trips here https://wegobond.com/women-only-trips/

women only trips

A little ‘Me Time’ is all we crave for. Isn’t it ladies? Without a doubt, we give you a chance to fulfil the year’s travel resolution. But the biggest question that tends to haunt us always, where do I travel?

Worry not; you could join our women-only trips that will ensure you take home tons of happy memories.  We personally research, visit and plan these women-only trips to ensure you have the best travel experience.

We also understand picking up a destination isn’t easy, that’s why we have listed down 6 best women-only trips you should definitely go once in a lifetime:


women only trips

If your boss cannot grant you leave for a long holiday in December, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We have designed a short women-only trip to Hampi in December!

Trust us; Hampi is the perfect offbeat winter holiday destination in India. The temperature during this time dips to 15-degree Celsius in the evenings. To make sure you have a good time in our women-only trip to Hampi, we have especially shortlisted a few things to do/see.

To begin with, visit the temples!

Hampi is home to many temples one must visit. Some are ruins, and some have become popular places of worship. One iconic temple is Virupaksha temple where it is said that Lord Shiva married Parvati. Isn’t it quite interesting?

The next on the list is:  visit the ruins of the temples, palaces and forts! You haven’t visited Hampi if you don’t see and experience the remnants of the lives lived by the kings and queens!

You have to witness the jaw-dropping sunsets and the sunrises over the boulders among the ruins. It’s a sight you’ll never regret. The top of the Matanga Hill is rewarded with one of the best views of the rising sun that South India has to offer.

Another unique thing to experience in Hampi is to enjoy a coracle ride on the waters of the River Tungabhadra. A coracle is a circular shaped country boat that can carry about 6 to 8 people on a single trip across the river. These coracle boats have been in use in Hampi since the time of the Vijayanagara Empire.

Don’t you wish to hop inside a coracle ferry right away?

So if you wish to escape on a winter holiday, join us on women-only trip to Hampi.  You sure will get lost in the winter sun and will experience the Hampi – state of mind!


women only trips

Come 1st January 2019 and it’s time for new year resolutions. Well yes, we sure will give you a chance to fulfil this year’s travel resolution!  Our women-only trip to Pondicherry in January is the perfect place to go unwind.

Once you step into Pondicherry, you’ll only wonder whether you’re in India or France. Besides, the French ambience and colonial architecture will lure you for sure.

But wait, what makes our women-only trip to Pondicherry stand out?  Have you ever got a chance to paddle out on a surf board and yell “Surfs Up”, with abandon? Sounds pretty thrilling and exciting right?

We have specially designed this women-only trip wherein we have tied up with Kallialay Surf School to bring you an introductory session with instructors that are the surf pioneers in India. Trust us, these surf instructors make surfing look like a cake-walk.

Don’t you wish to feel the power of the waves, surging forward and backwards? It sure is an exhilarating experience and it’s something you should definitely try!

“Give time a break,” says the Pondicherry Tourism slogan. So, the best way to enjoy this women-only trip to Pondicherry is by following the same slow pace.

For all you ladies who are foodies, Pondicherry is a heaven. You can indulge in all kinds of cuisines; the speciality being French food, continental delicacies, and traditional south Indian cuisine.

Obviously, how can one forget Auroville! Auroville, the City of Dawn is a settlement where people from different nations can come and live in harmony. This enormous village of picturesque houses and lush greenery is among the most untouched places in India that should be on every woman’s bucket list who is a nature lover.

Our women-only trip also includes a visit to the Mahabalipuram where you will witness the ancient shore temple, the panch rathas and other rock carvings. It is quite interesting to see the brilliance of the human effort that is scattered all over India!

Lastly, ladies, you’ve got to try Retail Therapy because nothing feels as good as shopping! You can go shopping at the local leather shops and bring back home some incense sticks, aromatic candles, essential oils, handmade paper items & handicrafts.

Our women only-trip to this French capital of India will surely be a great start to your New Year travel resolution!


women only trips

We understand you’re loaded with a lot of work and planning a holiday seems difficult and time-consuming.

Well, if you’re already frowning upon that thought, it’s time you pause, breathe and smile!

You may ask why? Well, we have a women-only trip planned to Norway in February 2019.

It’s time you and your girlies have some fun this Valentine’s Day! Don’t you worry, leave the planning on us!

There, now that smile on your face looks beautiful.

The best part about visiting Tromsø, Norway in February is that it has some of the highest Aurora Borealis activity in the world. It is located in the middle of the Northern Lights Oval, which means you have the greatest chance of seeing the lights, regardless of the sun’s cycles.

Yes, you can chase the Northern Lights with us!

Tromsø is only one of the best places in the world to view the Aurora. Hunting the Northern Lights is an experience of a lifetime.

If there is one train ride you’ll want to cherish for a lifetime it has to be the rail journey from Oslo to Flam! Flam railway is one of the most scenic rail lines in Norway without a doubt. You have to keep your camera handy as you might not stop clicking the spectacular nature, steep mountains, and foaming waterfalls.

So, are you ready to make snow-hearts with us this February?


We are never tired of planning wonderful women-only trips for you. That’s why, if you cannot make it to Norway, we have planned another exciting women-only trip for you.

Breathtaking scenery, beautiful and pristine beaches, the bustling cities & so much more, Vietnam’s culture is as rich as their cuisine. The reasons to love Vietnam are many; however, we make sure you experience the best of Sensorial Vietnam. Yes, we have cherry-picked the best for you according to ‘What women like?’, ‘what women want?’  The first time you arrive in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, you will be taken by surprise.

Just by walking through the streets of Hanoi, you will learn all about the life of the Vietnamese. You can choose to escape to the surrealistic limestone islands from the impossibly blue Halong Bay.  Vietnam is sure to get you transported to a different era while walking the streets of the historic port town of Hoi-An. The local delicacies at Hanoi will ignite your taste buds and leave you wanting for more.  

What’s the best part? Since you’re travelling with women, there’s no stopping to shopping. The traditional handicrafts of Hoi An will surely return with you back home. If you plan to travel during February, this women-only trip: Vietnam should definitely top your travel list!


If you ever visit Vietnam, you’ll realize that there’s another beautiful country that should make it to your travel bucket-list.
With white sand beaches, lush untouched jungles, mouth-watering dishes, jaw-dropping temples, Cambodia should definitely be on your women-only travel bucket list.

For those who aren’t aware, Vietnam and Cambodia are linked by the waters of the Mekong.

Ever since Angelina Jolie showcased a few action movies in the temple ruins at Cambodia as Lara Croft, Tomb Raider, this place has been a go-to travel spot on our women-only trips.

Our specially planned women-only trips for you always welcome some activity; especially for those who want to trek or cycle and explore. You can cruise on the bicycle around the paddy fields and explore this beautiful country.

Cambodia is home to the world’s largest religious monument – Angkor Wat. Watching the sun rise over Angkor Wat is one of life’s truly breathtaking experiences. Trust us, we’ve been there, done that.  You can also explore the many faces of the Bayon Temple. You may have a question; what do you mean by many faces? Yes, this incredible site has over 200 massive stone faces looking in all direction.

There is still a lot to discover in Cambodia. If you want to soak in the real and rustic Cambodia, you’ve got to visit the Tonlé Sap Lake. You will witness the communities living in floating villages around the lake. Interesting, isn’t it?

Needless to say, a holiday in Cambodia will not only be one of the best women-only trips but also a humbling experience for you.


women only trips

We are sure you will be working hard tirelessly this New Year and you wish to slow down that fast-paced city life.

How about you relax and unwind yourself in our women-only trip to Bhutan in March?

You may ask, why Bhutan?

Bhutan, also known as the ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’, is an isolated yet treasured the Himalayan Kingdom strongly knitted within its cultural realms.

Bhutan’s charm is deeply rooted in its uniqueness and authenticity, the friendliness and warm nature of its locals. One very interesting aspect about Bhutan is that the government has introduced policies to protect the country’s heritage and environment. That’s one reason, travelling there is like stepping back in time.

If you are a woman who loves the mountains as much as we do, you’ve surely got to be a part of our women-only trip to Bhutan.

Talk about Bhutan, the image of The Tiger’s Nest Monastery (Paro Takstang) always takes the front seat. It is one of Bhutan’s most iconic landmarks. The hike up to Tiger’s Nest takes a couple of hours but the views from the top are breathtaking. It is said that every Bhutanese person is expected to make the trek up to Tiger’s Nest at least once in their lives.

Bhutan is also known for its marvellous Buddhist monasteries. There is an enormous statue of the Buddha made of bronze and gilded in gold which is over 50 metres high and watches over Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan. The Buddha was built to bestow blessings, peace and happiness on the world. We are sure you already have marked Bhutan on your women-only travel bucket-list.

We hope we made a good attempt by convincing you to join us on our women-only trips!

If you’ve already thought about packing your bags already; wait!

Share it with your girlfriends and take them along.