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Backpacking to Korea?

Well then, you have gifted yourself a whole new treat!

Calling Korea as the ‘Land of the Morning Calm’ will be unfair as it’s nowhere close to being calm! The dazzling city lights and the serene beaches in Korea will give you an experience of living in a concrete jungle yet close to nature.

We are sure you’ll be wondering next what all things to do and see in Korea, what to skip and most importantly, what are the things to see in Korea?

Keep that question mark at bay. Get a pen and a notepad and scribble down the things to do and see in Korea!

Below is the list of the things to do and see in Korea.


1.  Futuristic Seoul

Haven’t you always wished to time travel? Yes, you heard it right!
Time travel is pretty possible when it comes to Korea! The sky touching towers and the twinkling city lights will fill your eyes with awe.  Seoul is a heaven for the tech-savvies and has so much to offer to the world of technology. Find yourself a step ahead in the world at Seoul.

Wander around the streets of Seoul to take in all that the city has to offer you. Seoul offers you one of the most happening night-life in the world! So, make sure you hit the dance floor!

Don’t forget to treat your taste buds. You cannot miss out on the famous Korean cuisine, the Bibimbap that has sauteed roots with marinated beef served with a bowl of rice. So, Seoul ranks first on our list of ‘Things you must do and see in Korea’!

things to do and see in Korea

2.  Mystical Gyeongju

Korea is a home to two widely different eras! The first is the modern era that you will experience in Seoul and the other one is in Gyeongju.

This city is home to many tombs, temples, pagodas and the Buddhist statuary than any other place in Korea.

Gyeongju has a National Museum despite the city being a museum on its own! The beautiful architectural structures and the Buddhist statuaries are the reasons the city looks like a museum.

things to do and see in Korea

3.  A Stop at Busan

Following Seoul, Busan is the second largest city in Korea that has a string of interesting things to offer you. From beautiful towers to finger-licking seafood cuisine, you get all you need at one stop!

Look out for houses built in a staircase-fashion and painted with vibrant colors in the Gamcheon village that also has a rich history.

You will find a cultural mix of modern and traditional structures, making you wonder what era you’re in!

things to do and see in Korea

4.  Volcanic Landscapes

Ever wondered what it might be like to be near a real volcano? No, we’re not saying a live volcano!

But Korea offers you its sweet little volcanic island- The Jeju Island. Set out on a journey to explore this serene island.

Jeju will surely build up your curiosity to wander around the alluring Island. And last but not the least, the island is crowned with a Crater-lake which is a cherry on the cake!

things to do and see in Korea

5.  Walk in the Lava tubes

The lava tubes are as fascinating as the glassy lava! And where once the hot lava flowed now has a temperature ranging from 12 to 15 degree Celsius.

Jeju Island has a lot to offer, so start by taking a walk through the nature-made tube? And the beautiful lava follow-lines and the stalactites won’t fail to amaze you.

Admire the ropy lava floor which was once a real fuming lava! These lava tubes are open for tourists till a distance of one kilometer, making it safe for you to wander.things to do and see in Korea

6.  Witness the Demilitarized Zone between North & South Korea

Pay a visit to the most controversial tourist spot, the Demilitarized Zone of Korea. The Korean War created a division between the south and the north parts of Korea.

This is the closest you can get to North Korea while you’re visiting South Korea! Take all the pictures you can of North Korea while you’re on the bus ride.

This zone is one of the last borders remaining after the Cold war. And the best part is that it is absolutely safe for you to visit!

things to do and see in Korea

7.  A night in a Hanok

A trip to Korea is incomplete without you getting a taste of the ancient Korean tradition. The best way to live the traditional Korean life is to ditch the hotel for a day and live in a Hanok! Koreans have been living in the traditional Hanok for over 100 years.

The Hanoks are as warm as the hearts of the locals. Get yourself closer to Korea!

things to do and see in Korea

Source: Travel Diary

8.  Live the Temple Life

Visiting Korea and not being at the core of Korea would be unfair, no? Buddhism has spread its roots in Korea over a thousand years ago.

And if you’re looking for some peaceful unwinding, Bulguksa temple is your resort! While you’re at the Bulguksa temple, here are some things you must do:

  • Explore every nook and corner of the majestic temple.
  • Maybe a small tea ceremony with the monks?
  • Chant along with the Monks and find your inner peace!
  • And lastly, a meal with the Monks to end the day of your Temple Life.things to do and see in Korea


Now you’re all set to embark upon your journey and fill it with adventure. With these few tips, you can now stop worrying about your numbered days in Korea and make the most out of it. Just take the memories and leave your footprints!