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Planning to set out on an adventure and worried that you might leave something behind? Whether you’re a frequent traveler or a first-time adventurer, it’s always good to plan your packing. What is better than having a packing list?

Pack too much and you end up being disorganized. Pack conservatively and there’s a high chance you might leave out something. And then you end up wasting your precious adventure time at a store on your trip! Also, you wouldn’t want to spend your travel allowance buying things that you forgot back home!

So, save yourself from this mess. We have compiled the ultimate packing list that will make it easier for you to take along all that you need. We’ve also sprinkled some packing hacks for long trips. Don’t forget to give them a try!


 1. Carry The Right Companion

Your travel companion has to be sturdy and all-purpose. Okay, we’re talking about your travel bag. You need to invest in your companion to avoid any mishaps. And what worse could happen than your belongings scattered all over the place! Plan how much you want to carry along for the trip and then decide the perfect bag for yourself.

Packing list


2. Pack According To The Weather

Would it make any sense to pack your summer essentials for a trip to Norway? Of course NOT! You would end up feeling stone cold!

Rule no. 1: Pack according to the weather of your destination.

If you’re going for ‘Chasing the Northern Lights in Iceland’, getting warm clothes along with comfy gloves and boots would be a smart choice. For those packing for a trip to Cambodia, bring along your beachwear!

Here’s a useful space-saving hack for you:  Always carry clothes that can be mixed and matched. Interchangeable clothes are the best hack to empty up some space in your bags.

Another tip to free up some more space in your bags: Roll your clothes, don’t fold them!

If you’re up for a night of camping: Line your bag with a garbage bag to keep your stuff dry and far from getting damaged.


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3. Something To Munch On!

You’re on a trip and you cannot resist your hunger. Snacks come in handy at such times. Pack some munchies and candies to put off the hunger pangs that you might get when you’re out wandering.

Packing list

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4. Toiletries

First things first. Get yourself a separate bag to pack your toiletries in. Wondering why? Well, you wouldn’t want all your things to get messed up just because of one leaky shampoo bottle, right? A small bag will help you keep your things organized and it will also be convenient to carry it around.

Carrying around huge bottles of shampoos and lotions can prove troublesome. Get a few mini bottles and pour some shampoo and lotion into them, and carry them hassle-free.

Packing list

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5. Minimal Hip-Pack

Do you want to carry that backpack with essential items while you’re out exploring? How about a hands-free travel? Get a hip-pack to carry all your essential items like sunglasses, phone, and handycam.

With it, you’re all set to wander around your favorite travel destination with your hands-free!

Packing list

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6. Travel Essentials/Accessories

Make a list of the essential items you’d need. Keep your travel documents handy yet safely. You’d require them throughout your journey. Keep your cash and credit cards in a hidden compartment in one of your bags.

To make your traveling fun and relaxing, a bag of travel accessories is a must! Stuff your bag with all the accessories you’d need while traveling and make it easily accessible.

An inflatable pillow always comes in handy while traveling. It takes less space and serves its purpose!

Make sure you pack all the gadgets you’d need for the trip. Also, don’t forget to pack the chargers along with a universal adapter! Preferably, make a separate compartment for these gadgets to avoid any spillage over them.

Carry your earplugs to cancel out the unwanted noise of your surroundings while traveling. And a book or a magazine will surely act as your travel companion.

Once you land at your destination, you’d need the maps, the travel guides, and the language guides. Carry them in a handy bag so that you don’t need to search for them later.

Packing list

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7. Skincare Essentials

Women love to take care of their skin. Also, skincare is the most neglected part while traveling. Keeping this in mind, we have kept skincare essentials on our packing list.

Pack your skincare essentials as per your travel destination. If you’re planning to visit a cold destination, make sure you carry cold creams, moisturizers, and chapsticks.

Wherein traveling to hot destinations, don’t forget to pack the sunscreen lotion and avoid carrying too much makeup products.

Another space-saving hack: Use paper makeup to avoid carrying all your makeup stuff!

Packing list

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8. Medical Kit

The most essential item in your ultimate packing list is the medical kit! You never know when you’d need it. Carry some fever relievers in case you don’t adjust to the weather change.

Carry some bandages and antiseptic cream in your first-aid kit for any accidental cuts. Also, keep your allergy medicines handy (if you have any) so that you have an uninterrupted trip.

Taking care of your health during any trip must be your priority. Few precautions and you’re good to go on your trip!

Packing list

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There you have it! The ultimate packing list of essential items you need for your trip! We have left no chance for you to forget anything back.

A bonus tip: Don’t forget to leave some significant space in your bags for the shopping that you’ll bring back home!

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